BORIS – A Nemesis To The EU?

by TR News
Boris Johnson - Britains Prime Minister

We all found out yesterday that Boris Johnson will now be our new Prime Minister after he defeated Jeremy Hunt. The question is, will Boris be a nemesis to the EU?

The triggered tears of the left are providing humour and cultural sustenance for those of us on the right side of the political aisle.

But how will Boris perform? Boris is open about Brexit, and how he will deal with it, he is open to a no-deal divorce from the EU and is celebrated for having that option on the table. But will political realities play out differently? Boris has committed to uniting the Conservative party and pushing Brexit through. At least he’s on record saying that and can be held to account should he not follow through.

The trouble with politicians is that during a campaign, promises made are not always promises that are kept. However, Boris was definitely the best option from a high percentage remainer Conservative government.

We will just have to see how Boris does; for now, he has the wind behind him and a mandate to secure our divorce from the perfidious pontificators in the European Union.

Get Out Of Europe

Get Out Of Europe

BORIS – A Nemesis To The EU?

The legion of insidious leaches who adorn the halls of the European Parliament are less than happy with the thought of having to deal with Boris. For this alone Boris does get top marks, it can only be a good thing that they are panicked by our new Prime Minister.

As soon as Boris was confirmed the winner the EU immediately set out their position. They shot down Boris’s Brexit plan and avowed to make no concessions.

Let’s take Frans Timmermans, the current vice president of the European Commission as an example of what Boris is up against.

Frans said that:

“He took a long time deciding whether he was for or against Brexit and now his position is clear. I think the position of the EU is also clear: the United Kingdom reached an agreement with the European Union and the European Union will stick with that agreement.”

Hardly surprising rhetoric coming from an avowed socialist, you can read more about Frans from an article we produced in early July by clicking HERE.

Apart from all the triggered Pro-Europe wasters in parliament and the EU, Boris does have plenty of Pro-Brexit support.

Jayne Adye, the Director of Get Britain Out, an independent cross-party Eurosceptic group, said:

“It’s time for Boris Johnson, as our new Prime Minister, to get on and deliver a clean and real Brexit for the British people. Johnson winning the role of Prime Minister is the biggest victory for Brexit since the result of the EU Referendum on June 23 2016.”

“No longer will there be a Remainer trying to fake their way through leading this proud country on Brexit. The British people have watched this country being made a mockery of during the negotiations with the EU. With a disastrous PM in Theresa May – who would say one thing to the public, but then another to the EU”.

We cant disagree, Teresa May was a truly dreadful and weak remainer who kowtowed to the bullies of the EU.

Boris, take a leaf out of Donald’s book, get this done we are counting on you!

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