Bolshy Boris To Die In A Ditch?

by TR News

The never-ending drama of the political tug of war being played out in Parliament puts Eastenders to shame. But is bolshy Boris to die in a ditch in the next episode?

Polling Accuracy

Politicians and media outlets have used polling agencies to test the political temperature of the UK when it comes down to Brexit, deal or no deal, and of course, remaining. The polls on average always seemed to tilt in the way of remain just before the referendum went ahead, the polls even now seem to indicate a remain majority?

Polling Data Is It Reliable?

Polling Data Is It Reliable?

How much attention should we give to these “polls” anyway? Do they really capture the political temperature and opinions of the British public and go on to publicise a foregone conclusion? Let’s take a minute to think back on the polling running up to the referendum on Brexit. Pretty much all of the polls were in favour of remaining in the European Union. The BBC and other globalist media corporations projected a foregone conclusion; we would REMAIN in Europe because that’s what the British people would inevitably vote for.

Trumped Up Polling

We witnessed in the Presidential Elections of 2016, pollsters publicising another foregone conclusion. Hillary Clinton would win the presidency of the United States in a landslide victory; we published an article about that HERE.

After the 2016 Presidential election, pollsters were left scratching their heads. Their political crystal balls got the results so spectacularly wrong in just about every sense. The political classes and their globalist enablers in the media were left befuddled; the American public did not buy what they were selling. They tried to sell a foregone conclusion, and the American people did not buy it. Good for them!

Likewise, the British people were sold a foregone conclusion about REMAINING in the EU. Again the pollster’s crystal balls were left wanting in the most spectacular way because of the end result. LEAVE was the decision of the British people by a margin of 51.9% v’s 48.1%. More than a MILLION people made the difference between the remain and leave camps.

What A Shocker - Leave It Is!

What A Shocker – Leave It Is!

Boris Dies In A Ditch?

Understandably, people are tired of the ongoing tug of war between MP’s who are from the remain camp and those MP’s who are in the leave camp. Jeremy Corbyn has set about his flip-flopping policies to damage Boris Johnson. Parliamentary remainers believe they can subvert the will of the British people and have gone to great lengths to do so. But Boris has called them out; he has managed to expose them for the lying little toads they are, and the British people have seen it.

The political posturing of the Labour opposition and remainer MP’s was such that they wanted a general election, but now, for some reason we can’t fathom, they no longer want that to happen? Why could that be?

Some Polls Are Better Than Others

Some Polls Are Better Than Others

The British public are not stupid; the Labour opposition and other remainer MP’s seem to be in a state of delusion. Boris is politically cunning and elusive; his detractors think they have him in a bind, Boris would no doubt like them to believe that.

Let’s just say the worst comes to the very worst and Boris is outed and leaves Number 10 because of some duplicitous undemocratic globalist shills working for the EU. A general election is inevitable, and like a martyred phoenix rising from the flames comes bolshy Boris. The peoples champion drops the people’s elbow onto the forehead of comrade Corbyn, thus crushing his communist regime in a landslide victory for the LEAVERS of this world.

Parliament will have been purged of Anti-Democratic swine, and Britain will have reset itself politically for generations to come.

Don’t we all like a happy ending?

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