Blood Running In The Streets Of London

by TR News

A crazed Islamic terrorist attacked and stabbed three innocent people on Streatham High Road. Blood Running In The Streets Of London.

Intern Islamic Terrorists

TR.News and Tommy Robinson have advocated for the internment of Islamic jihadist terrorists, yet politicians don’t seem to want to go down that road?


Usman Khan was released early from his prison sentence, despite being a known threat he managed to stab and kill two innocent people wounding three others near London bridge. The fallout from the incident had the press asking the right questions – why was he released early? Usman Khan was jailed in 2012 for terrorism offences; he conspired to bomb the London Stock Exchange, he planned to bomb members of the English Defence League. Khan also planned to open a terrorist “training facility” in Kashmir, something that would masquerade as a “madrassa”.

Despite all of this, Khan was let out of prison early, the terror attack he carried out left two dead and three badly wounded.

History Repeating

Yesterday another jihadist, only released from prison around a week ago went on a stabbing rampage on Streatham High Road in London. Three people have been injured, one critically. There have been posts circulating on social media that one of those he attacked was a child, TR.News cannot confirm if this is true or not, we do know there is footage of an empty pushchair next to an alleged victim of the attack.

Sudesh Amman, the terrorist shot dead at the scene on Streatham High Road was jailed for three years and four months after pleading guilty to thirteen terror offences back in 2018. Amman supported ISIS and in a private chat suggested that as Yazidi women were slaves, the Quran made it permissible to rape them. He also sent beheading videos to his girlfriend telling her she should “kill her kuffar parents”.

During his trial at the Old Bailey in 2018, Sudesh Amman smiled and laughed throughout the trial proceedings, including when he was told he was facing a custodial sentence “of some length”. During the trial, the court heard that Amman ‘expressed desire to carry out a knife attack.’

Well yesterday Amman turned his desire to carry out a knife attack into a reality, it cost him his life, but the same questions have been raised. Does the government learn nothing from past mistakes?

Why was he let out early?

In fact, why was he let out at all?

Tommy and TR.News will continue to advocate for the internment of Islamic jihadist terrorists because there doesn’t seem to be any other way of protecting the general public from them. Why monitor these people 24/7 costing British taxpayers billions of pounds every year which ultimately does not stop the endangerment of innocent life?

You can read more about the case for internment by clicking HERE.

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