BLAIR DITCH PROJECT: Alastair Campbell EXPELLED From Labour Party

by TR News

TONY Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell has been expelled from the Labour Party for voting for the Liberal Democrats.

Party officials acted swiftly to remove the diehard Mr Campbell after he admitted to voting Liberal Democrat in last week’s European Parliament elections.

He said that he found the move “particularly sad and disappointing” as it “comes on a day when actually, finally, the Labour Party seems to be trying to move to what I would define as a sensible, credible, coherent position on Brexit”.

The position he speaks of is to call for a second referendum or falsely-named ‘People’s Vote’ – an act that would completely destroy the democracy that millions fought and died to protect, and betray the people of Britain who voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union.

Senior Labour figures have used the EU election results, in which the party came third behind the Brexit Party and Liberal Democrats, to suggest Labour should more clearly support a second EU referendum, in a clear demonstration of how the party is interested only in exploiting Brexit tensions and securing votes.


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