Black Van Man Reports Shatter Media Stereotypes

by TR News

During the last Brexit/#FreeTommy demonstrations in London Black Van Man reports shatter media stereotypes.

Reporting The Truth

In an age of media partisanship and the gutter press, it’s down to citizen journalists to get the truth out there. Black Van Man went to London to meet up with #FreeTommy and Pro-Brexit demonstrators. The media like to paint a particular picture of Tommy Robinson and those who support him as some kind of knuckle-dragging Nazi’s.

To give Black Van Man kudos on this website has proven problematic for him because those on the far-left, Antifa, trade unionists, socialists and outright communists believe he “works for us”.

Why is that?

Because Black Van Man has the audacity to go and see for himself what is going on, he has an open mind and an unbiased agenda. Reporting the truth in this day and age is in and of itself, a revolutionary act.

For Queen And Country

Tommy Robinson has always had the support of those in our armed forces, no matter how the media want to spin it, that’s an undeniable truth. Tommy also has support from veterans, the very best of us, people who fought for our country so we can live today as free people. It is wonderful to see Black Van Man engage with Jim and again break yet another stereotype that the lazy politicised press like to publish.

We want to thank Jim for his service to our country; he will always be in our hearts and revered as the generational hero he is. We also want to thank Black Van Man for simply reporting on what he finds on the ground. Keep at it brother!

You can find Black Van Man’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

God bless and respect all.

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