Black Lies Still Matter – RIP Robert Godwin Sr

by TR News

The internet can be a wonderful place, but it can also empower ideological movements. Black Lies Still Matter – RIP Robert Godwin Sr

Whites Killing Blacks Because Of Their Melanin

We are living in Orwellian times where the Marxist race-baiting agenda of Black Lives Matter seems to be the front line of attack in the culture war we are currently engaged in. Twitter is a stalwart of left-wing “correct speech” where right-wing views are heavily moderated and “fact-checked” ad nauseam. Of course, the same does not apply to the insidious, race-baiting grifters on the left. These people have developed an economy and currency out of false racially charged narratives while simultaneously lionising the very worst people in society – because of “oppression”.

As the saying goes – “By Any Means Necessary.”

Today TR.News picked up on a Twitter post that seems to be doing the rounds. The post shows a video of an elderly black man, apparently shot because of his skin colour, or at least “potentially” shot and killed because of his skin colour.

Twitter Post


This video has been used to promote the Black Lives Matter cause; there’s nothing that can stir anger and emotions like seeing an elderly black man shot dead on the pavement in broad daylight. Black Lives Matter rely on martyrs to further their cause. They claim to highlight the ills of murderous white supremacy and police brutality. The reality though, is much, much different.

Black Lives Matter views the world through an oppressor v’s oppressed racial narrative; it’s enslaving the minds of internet users who are utterly convinced that everything is racist. Black people are persecuted and hunted down like animals by cops and the evil white man. Or at least that is what they want you to believe.

The video above actually shows the disgusting and reprehensible murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. He was gunned down in the street in broad daylight by Steve Stephens, a 37-year old BLACK MAN who argued with his lover Joy Lane. Joy gave Stephen an ultimatum because he had a gambling problem that “sparked arguments”. In video’s Stephen posted online he said he wanted to go on a “Joy Lane Easter massacre” because she made him “snap”.

The Daily News – 2017

That senseless and depraved murder has now become a focal point of Black Lives Matter activists online who are now spreading false information about his death. Using the death of an innocent elderly black man to race grift and promote a poisonous ideology like Black Lives Matter is just par the course. Why indulge facts when you can indulge emotions and present them with a false narrative?

The narrative of the white oppressor v’s the black oppressed.

We will conclude this article by paying respect to the family of Robert Godwin Sr. and offer our thoughts and prayers for the tragic loss of a wonderful man, a man loved by everyone.

Anyone who uses the death of Robert Godwin Sr. to push a race grifting false Marxist Black Lives Matter narrative need to take a good long hard look at themselves and mend their ways quickly. People are running out of patience.

Black Lies Still Matter

Robert Godwin Sr

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