Big-Tech Censorship – The Authoritarian Left – Denying The Dissemination Of Facts

by TR News

The YouTube “community” flags any exposure of mainstream fake-news. Big-Tech Censorship – The Authoritarian Left – Denying The Dissemination Of Facts.

Censorious, Manipulative Big-Tech

We need to give fair warning to our readers; this article is loaded with many, many screenshots. The purpose of the screenshots is to highlight, expose and prove beyond any reasonable doubt that YouTube is a censorious platform. YouTube works with its “community” to “flag”, then limit or ban video’s that run counter to their political world view, siding instead with the propaganda, lies, deceit and misinformation of mainstream media and the “useful idiots” of far-left authoritarians.

Alphabet is the parent company of Google; Google owns YouTube. If you ever needed any proof of where Google and YouTube fit on the political/ideological spectrum then look no further – watch the video below.

You can find the full video embedded on Breitbart, to watch that click HERE.

Google’s response to the video is a classic example of a globalist corporatist media arm gaslighting the masses. Google has a monopoly on the dissemination of information. Google can control narratives, influence elections and fix its algorithms to give preference to political candidates that it endorses, for example, Hillary Clinton when she ran against Donald Trump.

More than 90% of all internet searches go through Google platforms, including YouTube.

Google Dominates Internet Searches

Google Dominates Internet Searches

You can find that information HERE.

Just imagine that power, that influence, the ability to form narratives and perceptions. The ability to control news cycles and of course, to squash, limit and ban information they don’t like.

We published an article back in July last year about Google’s influence and bias; Dr. Robert Epstein investigated Big-Tech bias and censorship, the conclusions in his report found that:

1. In 2016, biased search results generated by Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton.

2. On Election Day in 2018, the “Go Vote” reminder Google displayed on its home page gave one political party between 800,000 and 4.6 million more votes than it gave the other party.

3. In the weeks leading up to the 2018 election, bias in Google’s search results may have shifted upwards of 78.2 million votes to the candidates of one political party.

4. Google’s “autocomplete” search suggestions can turn a 50/50 split among undecided voters into a 90/10 split without people’s awareness.

5. Google has likely been determining the outcomes of upwards of 25 percent of the national elections worldwide since at least 2015.

You can read more by clicking HERE.

Peter Hasson is just about to release a new book that exposes Big-Tech manipulators Facebook, Google, Twitter and their war on Conservatives; you can purchase his book on Amazon HERE.

You can also find an excerpt of his new book published on the Federalist website HERE.

YouTube “Limits” TR.News

TR.News set up a YouTube account so we could publish our content on their platform. The channel set off like a rocket, with thousands of people subscribing and sharing content that we published, most notably Tommy’s Sappho award speech and him exposing Danish TV programme “Deadline” for their “lies by omission” and manufactured false narrative.

We knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before the fascistic and censorious agenda of YouTube either limited or banned the videos. YouTube has an enormous left-wing activist “community” that likes to clamp down on content they don’t agree with, even if the content is entirely factual and lacking anything “hateful”.

On the 27th of January, we received emails from YouTube telling us that the videos we uploaded to the new TR.News account had been “flagged by the YouTube community”, and that restrictions had been placed on them affecting the way the videos are shown. Despite this, we were advised by YouTube that the videos would continue “to be available” on their platform.

Below is a list of video’s that are on the channel, take note of the video that is uploaded but not “published”. This means the video is set as “private” which means NOBODY in the YouTube community can see it unless we give someone the video link – we can confirm we have not sent that video link to ANYBODY. The video in question has ZERO views.

TR.News Channel Video's

TR.News Channel Video’s

We will now share screenshots of YouTube notifying us about each video they restricted, followed by our response to appeal the decision. Please note that YouTube does not allow a robust appeal; the appeals are short because they limit the number of characters that can be used to prompt a review. After we have posted our appeal response, we will post a screenshot of YouTube’s answer after “reviewing” the appeal request.

We appealed the decision to limit this video because:

The video was mass flagged by some on the “political left” of the YouTube community because they do not want biased left-wing media exposed for their “lies by omission”. Please restore video.

YouTubes answer:

The next video was one that we did not publish; it was uploaded but was not visible to anyone other than YouTube staff; the video is set as “private”. As we mentioned before the video has ZERO views

We appealed the decision to limit this video by saying:

Please do explain how a video that is not public but “private” can be flagged and then limited by yourselves?

YouTubes answer:

As Paul Joseph Watson likes to say….

Just let that sink in!

A YouTube video, uploaded to the channel, set as “private” with ZERO views, invisible to the YouTube community was “flagged” by the YouTube community then placed in a “limited” state by a YouTube staffer. The appeal asked how a “private” video could be “flagged” by the YouTube community? The question was not answered, and the video remains “limited”.

If anyone can answer that question for us, we would appreciate it. We are really interested in finding out how an invisible video with ZERO views gets “flagged” by the YouTube community.

Answers on a postcard to…

The third video:

We appealed the decision to limit this video by saying:

Alleged child raping Muslims walking to court is accurate, please refer to this – please restore video as required. The video is factual.

YouTubes answer:

The fourth video:

We appealed the decision to limit this video by saying:

Video was factual, not offensive. Danish Ministers of parliament complained about facebooks censorial fascism and accounts were reinstated after highlighting this issue with them please restore video.

YouTubes answer:

The fifth video:

We appealed the decision to limit this video by saying:

Video is factual; the journalist stated that he would not refer to someone who criticises Christianity as far-right but would if someone criticises Islam. This video exposes journalistic duplicity.

YouTubes answer:

And finally the sixth video, perhaps the most important one where Tommy reveals how media misrepresents him and publishes fake-news stories.

We appealed the decision to limit this video by saying:

This video does not offend, it highlights and comprehensively proves the narratives that mainstream media push, through manipulation, editing and lying by omission Restore video, truth isn’t hate speech.

YouTubes answer:

YouTube – Giving Positive Feedback

YouTube gives a channel owner the option to send them some feedback, so we did because we were not happy with the appeal responses from YouTube. Especially their avoidance in answering how a “private” video with ZERO views, that is “invisible” to the YouTube community can be “flagged” by the YouTube community?

Anyway, the feedback section of YouTube allows for more characters to be sent to them. Here are the screenshots of the “feedback” we sent to them:

We are still waiting for an answer from YouTube about our “feedback”.

Meanwhile, please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE the TR.News YouTube link –

The videos can still be viewed on the channel but only after accepting the content can be “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences”. The videos cannot be embedded onto websites, they cannot be shared the usual way, and they cannot be commented on due to YouTube placing them in a “limited” state. So for now, all we can now do is share the link to each video and ask you to SHARE them around as and when we upload content to the channel.

Here are the individual links to each “public” video on the channel.

Danish Deadline Deceives Then Flatlines With Fake-News – link here:

Alleged Muslim Paedophiles Walk To Court – link here:

Free Speech Censored By Social Media – link here:

Fake News, Journalism And Cognitive Dissonance – link here:

Tommy Robinson – Acceptance Speech For Sappho Award – link here:

Please keep sharing and caring; we will update you if or when YouTube get back to us.

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