Beware Of Violent Far-Left Agitators

by TR News
Free Tommy Demo 03/08/2019

The #FreeTommy demonstration is in full swing, patriots from all over the UK have come together to send the political and judicial establishment a simple message. Free Tommy Robinson from his politically motivated persecution and imprisonment.

A Great Day To Demonstrate

The weather couldn’t be better to batter the political class with our right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. They will not intimidate us; they will not silence us, not now, not ever! The political and judicial class have de-platformed, de-humanised, censored, and punished a national hero with lawfare. They did this because he dared to raise the issues of paedophile Muslim grooming gangs over ten years ago, its not something they want broadcasting to the nation.

The BBC is a great place to demonstrate Tommy’s political persecution, an organisation of fake-news, bias and propaganda. It’s also an organisation that is complicit in the abuse of children. The Jimmy Saville controversy is only one of many issues highlighted by those who came forward to report abuse.

It’s no wonder the BBC has the art of child abuse proudly shown outside its building, namely a statue sculptured by a known paedophile – Eric Gill.


The Work Of Perversion - Eric Gill

The Work Of Perversion – Eric Gill

Patriots have gathered outside the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. They have done so to highlight Tommy’s plight and to bring further attention to the industrialised rape of children by predominantly Muslim gangs all across the UK.

Beware Of Violent Far-Left Agitators

We know that highlighting this issue doesn’t go down well with the political and judicial class, nor does it go down well with their useful idiots on the far-left. We know that there is a potential “flashpoint” of confrontation between pro-Tommy supporters and the unwashed, jobless so-called “anti-fascists” of Antifa. Antifa has already said they will be “MILITANT” on the streets.

Antifa Street Militancy

Antifa Street Militancy

Antifa opposes people who support Tommy and those who exercise their right to speak out about Muslim child-rape gangs. Antifa is out defending Muslim child rapists while we are out in London telling our government NO MORE COVER-UPS! DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE! AND STOP PERSECUTING AN INNOCENT MAN!

We want to let you all know that the police (not the rank and file, the higher echelons who pull the strings) decided to make some last-minute changes to facilitating our demonstration. The route for Tommy’s bus to leave the area will now have to pass counter-demonstrators. This provides an inevitable “flashpoint” for police to go in heavy-handed and for the press to take pictures of “violent” Tommy supporters. Did the media know something that we didn’t 7 hours before the demo even started?

Do They Know Something That We Dont?

Do They Know Something That We Dont?

We want a peaceful protest; however, the powers that be don’t seem to want that, and neither do their puppets in media, we wonder why that is?

A note to all patriots – please make sure you take pictures and footage of any police using “heavy-handed” tactics. Please make sure that any far-left agitators like Antifa get exposed as the trouble-making, soap dodging degenerates they are, get them pictured, get them on video.

Please forward any evidence of agitation, wrongdoing, violence and incitement coming from far-left street militants to this email address:


God bless you all, stay safe and never, ever surrender!

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