Berlingske “Journalist” Has To Face Cognitive Dissonance

by TR News

While Tommy was in Denmark, he was asked to be interviewed by Denmarks second-largest newspaper. Berlingske “Journalist” Has To Face Cognitive Dissonance.

Will You Label Me As far Right?

An easy enough question you would have thought – “will you label me as far-right?”

Not so, especially for the journalist working for Denmarks second-largest newspaper Berlingske. Hans Skovgaard Andersen, the “journalist” in question, appears confused and conflicted as he questioned Tommy, he came to realise the powerful effects of cognitive dissonance.

A simple question, one that requires a simple answer – yes or no, had Berlingske’s prize political “journalist” squirming and contorting like an overbaked mentally challenged pretzel.

Berlingske "Journalist" Has To Face Cognitive Dissonance

Berlingske “Journalist” Has To Face Cognitive Dissonance

Centre-Right Or Regressive Left?

When it comes down to reporting on critics of Islam, both the left and the “so-called” right experience some kind of mental difficulty describing them. The lack of any real effort by the left and the right-wing press to correctly describe an Islam critic means that ALL Islam critics are tarnished with the lackadaisical pejorative term of “far-right”.

The terminology of “far-right” conjures images of a bald, bare-chested, tattooed, homo-erotic, goose-stepping pillock who listens to Mein Kampf on his kindle every night (probably because he can’t read so well). However, this is done with purpose; it has a deliberate intent, to smear, slander and besmirch the critic. Both the left and the “right-wing” press do it; however, they do it for very different reasons.

The left are lazy and for the most part, driven ideologically, which makes them enslaved political ideologues. They are the sort of people who are generally unkempt and unwashed, the sort of people with severe hygiene issues, the sort of people you can smell before you get to see them. The left wants their political opponents branded as “far-right” because labelling someone is so much easier than debating the merits of an opposing world view.

Such is the weakness and fragility of the political left.

The “so-called” right-wing press like to use the pejorative term of “far-right” because they want to appear virtuous to their left-wing counterparts. By creating a “moral separation” between themselves and the alleged “extreme fringes” of the political right, they can genuflect to the politically correct globalist establishment and continue to be “tolerated” within the “journalistic profession”. Be advised we use that term VERY loosely!

That is the weakness and fragility of the political right.

Berlingske is a paper noted for being a “centre-right” publication; however, if their political journalist Hans Skovgaard Andersen is anything to go by, then they have a myriad of problems, and perhaps genuflecting to the PC establishment is just one of them.

To think this article was published less than a year ago?

Ruud Koopmans - Far-Right?

Ruud Koopmans – Far-Right?

We do wonder if Berlingske’s political journalist extraordinaire Hans Skovgaard Andersen considers Ruud Koopmans “far-right” for having similar views to Tommy Robinson?

Or maybe Berlingske has had a 180-degree change of political orientation and direction?

Who knows?

What we do know, is that those who profess to be “centre-right” need to grow some balls and stop drinking those soy latte’s, you’re giving the right a bad name.

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