Bercow dismisses Meaningful Vote

by TR News

(By Darren Goodliffe, Politicalite)

The Brexit crisis took another twist today as it was announced that there will be NO Meaningful Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement tomorrow as it breaks Parliamentary rules. This means that now Theresa May looks set to ask for an extension of Article 50 on Thursday.

There has been much speculation over the past week about the government bringing before the House another vote regarding Brexit otherwise known as a Meaningful Vote.

He said MPs on both sides have expressed concern about essentially the same question being brought before the House repeatedly. Citing Parliamentary convention to this effect and the practice of previous Speakers he clearly ruled that Theresa May will NOT be able to bring the same motion to the House during this Parliamentary session unaltered as the Commons has made its decision.

A Government motion must be a new proposition and entirely different from the one rejected by Parliament last week. It must convince the Speaker that there are “substantial differences” to the Withdrawal Agreement for it to be considered again before July.

It has been widely speculated today that Brexit could be delayed for anything up to NINE months as Parliament, which has effectively ruled out a Clean Brexit on March 29th is gridlocked and unable to support a deal which effectively keeps Britain in the EU in everything but name.


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