Belmarsh Cat A Prison Documentary Featuring Tommy Robinson

by TR News

Ross Kemp’s Belmarsh Cat A Prison Documentary Featuring Tommy Robinson Finally Aired Last Night – Reflecting On Ross’s Work.

Tommy Never Went To Prison?

Some of the “usual suspects” peddling fake news and weird conspiracy theories about Tommy Robinson not actually being sent to prison may as well work for the Daily/Sunday Star, it could be that they already do, who knows?

Tommy Robinson featured heavily in Ross Kemp’s documentary about Belmarsh Cat A Prison. The documentary aired on ITV last night. After watching it, Tommy and those of us here at TR.News are going to provide a couple of thoughts on Ross’s work.

Ross said in his documentary (regarding an organised demonstration outside Belmarsh prison) that he was:

“…reluctant to give a platform to anyone with extreme views, but I have to ask Robinson himself why he’s called the demo”.

Does this mean that Ross endorses and propagandises the mainstream media view that Tommy Robinson is some kind of extremist? Well ITV is a mainstream media organisation, and Ross Kemp is a devout Labour activist (although not a Corbynista) so go figure!

Update: The documentary suggested that the demonstrators outside HMP Belmarsh were “extremists” who were inclined to violence. We can confirm that the CCTV footage used in the documentary suggesting there was an “internal” fracas within the demonstration was due to an individual, not part of the demonstration, who turned up drunk and shouted racial profanities, that individual was identified and forcefully removed from the area.

So much for “violent extremist” demonstrators who identified and dealt with an abusive drunk shouting racial profanity.

Suffice to say Ross’s implication is clear, Tommy Robinson, the man jailed for asking convicted Muslim child rapists some questions causing them ANXIETY – is an extremist! Tommy then goes on to explain the reason why he called for a demonstration. Tommy wanted to make sure his rights were recognised, who could blame him after what happened during his improper imprisonment at HMP Onley?

During Tommy’s incarceration at Onley, he lost 40 pounds in weight, Muslim inmates continually pushed human excrement through his cell window and threatened to murder him on a daily basis. Onley Prison was the political establishment’s way of mentally torturing Tommy. He had every right to ask his supporters to demonstrate outside Belmarsh to ensure he was treated fairly this time round, and to be fair to Belmarsh Governor Rob Davies, he was.

If you would like to understand more about the effects solitary confinement had on Tommy’s mental health and how he was politically prosecuted for making convicted Muslim child rapists ANXIOUS click HERE and HERE and HERE.

Ross Kemp seemed not to understand what “solitary confinement” was when Tommy told him about the effects it has on a person’s mental health. In fact, Ross said:

“It’s not solitary confinement as in terms of the cooler, its not a box with nothing in it; you have got a TV, got a kettle”

Here is the Cambridge dictionary definition of solitary confinement:

Cambridge Dictionary Definition Of Solitary Confinement

Cambridge Dictionary Definition Of Solitary Confinement

In 2015 the Prison Reform Trust revealed that:

Segregation units and close supervision centres (CSCs) entail social isolation, inactivity, and increased control of prisoners – a combination proven to harm mental health and wellbeing.

You can find that report HERE.

The report also found that in January of 2015, of all the segregated prisoners within the prison system:

71% spent less than 14 days in segregation, 20% spent between 14 and 42 days, and 9% were segregated for longer than 84 days.

Tommy Robinson is a nine percenter!

Given all the above facts, Ross’s dismissive stance on Tommy highlighting the effects solitary confinement was because Tommy had a “TV and a kettle”. Not sure what social interactions Ross has at his home, but maybe he does have some social interaction with his electrical appliances?

Who are we to judge?

Ross Kemp Exposes The Daily Star

During Tommy’s incarceration in Belmarsh, a fake news story originating from the Daily/Sunday Star gained traction with the UK public and with other inmates at the prison. The Daily/Sunday Star published a front-page hit-piece accusing Tommy of acting like a hard man and as a result, he was summarily punished by a 70- year old pensioner inmate who then “knocked him out”.

Avi then complained to the Daily/Sunday Star about this fake news story. Incidentally, this story was picked up by other mainstream papers like the Metro and the Mirror, which means it circulated and reached a vast audience. Avi was given the “go-around” by the Star and was passed from pillar to post. It didn’t seem like the Star wanted to hear or even deal with the complaint?

You can watch Avi’s multiple attempts to get the Star to rescind their fake hit-piece on Tommy by clicking HERE. So going through the Daily/Sunday Star’s complaints system yielded no results. Tommy never had any physical contact with any other inmates during his stay at Belmarsh prison because he was isolated from the general prison population. The paper, to this very day, has not apologised for its fake hit-piece.

We can confirm through Avi Yemini there is still an ongoing complaint being dealt with by the IPSO concerning the Daily/Sunday Star, even the IPSO has “appeared” to not want to investigate our complaint. After this documentary aired, it’s pretty clear who was lying and who was telling the truth, it certainly wasn’t a representative of the mainstream media; it was Avi Yemini and TR.News who have been proven to be the truth-tellers in this case and Tommy the victim of another fake smear campaign.

We eagerly await the conclusions of the IPSO investigation.

We would like to thank Rob Davies and Ross Kemp for actually including this information in the documentary, media propagandists need to be exposed and challenged at all times. It wasn’t just Tommy who was a victim of this fake smear, Tommy’s wife, their children and his family were worried sick about this fake-news and for good reason. Muslim inmates had badly beaten Tommy when he served time in other prisons; he is a wanted man, so a prison sentence could end up being a death sentence.

Below is Tommy’s reaction to the documentary.

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