Bedfordshires Pro-Paedophile Policing – Prosecuting Protective Father

by TR News

Tommy has been summoned to court on the 15th of May because an alleged nonce (child molester) complained about a bloodied nose. Bedfordshire’s Pro-Paedophile Policing – Prosecuting Protective Father!

Nonchalant Nonce

At the beginning of March TR.News published an article that shone a light on Bedfordshire Police who were more preoccupied with arresting a protective father rather than dealing with an alleged nonce (child molester). Tommy’s eight-year-old daughter had her bum squeezed by an adult male while playing in a Center Parcs swimming pool. Tommy prevented him from leaving the scene of an alleged crime – a sexual assault on a pre-pubescent minor. You can read and see more about that incident by clicking HERE.

Nonchalant News

News of Tommy’s arrest quickly managed to find its way to lamestream media presstitutes. They dutifully ran stories of Tommy assaulting a “holidaymaker” a “poor victim”. Reading these “press reports”, you would have thought that thug Tommy Robinson randomly attacked an innocent man. At least that’s how it was presented to the British public. What the vast majority of reports failed to mention was that the “altercation” between Tommy and the “holidaymaker” was because the “holidaymaker” pinched/squeezed his eight-year-old daughters bottom. It quickly became apparent that the press was more interested in an alleged nonce’s bleeding nose than a paedophile’s sexual attack on a pre-pubescent child swimming at Center Parcs – a “family-friendly resort”.

TR.News listed just some of the atrocious reporting on this incident. You can see for yourselves how the British press conveyed their “news” to the public by clicking HERE.

A Waste Of Tax Payers Money And Trust

A Waste Of Tax Payers Money And Trust

Nonchalant And Negligent Policing

Detective Sergeant Hancock from Bedfordshire Police called Tommy to update him on how the case was progressing. During the call, he admitted to Tommy the alleged nonce (child molester) still hadn’t been arrested! Not only was the alleged nonce (child molester) not arrested but he wasn’t even questioned under caution at the time of the “incident”. Tommy was arrested, and he was cautioned at the time of the “incident” which should tell you where the moral and legal compass of Bedfordshire Police points to.

You can read and hear more by clicking this link HERE.

It came to pass that Detective Sergeant Hancock was taken off the case but not before he revealed to Tommy that he knew the “alleged” nonce (child molester) touched his daughter “intentionally”.

This article completes the chronological catastrophe of Bedfordshire’s Pro-Paedophile Policing Policies and the slander and misinformation of ideological PC presstitutes. There is more evidence of Police Nonchalance And Negligence in the video at the top of this article.

Please support Tommy (if you can) on the 15th of May from 10am at Luton Magistrates Court. He is summoned because he prevented an alleged paedophile from escaping the scene of a crime – a sexual assault on a pre-pubescent minor. The alleged nonce (child molester) “suffered” a bleeding nose while being prevented from leaving the scene of a crime and evading Police.

Please click HERE for more details.


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