Beating “Islamic Education” Into Children

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A Quran teacher is caught beating “Islamic Education” into children aged five to six years old in Morocco.

Beating The Indoctrination

A video got posted on Facebook in early August of this year which shows a Quran teacher (a Fqih) beating a student with a belt repeatedly during the lesson. The child tries to get away from his “teacher” and gets more lashes with the belt for attempting to escape.

The video caused some uproar on the social media platform; online users had mixed thoughts. Some were disgusted at the actions of the teacher and called for him to have the same beating dealt out to him. Other Facebook users said there was nothing wrong with the teacher’s actions and that it was “normal”.

Mohamed Reda Taoujni Filmed The Beating

Mohamed Reda Taoujni Filmed The Beating

Facebook user Mohamed Reda Taoujni filmed the video above said he took the footage while preparing a report on the city of Taghazout near Agadir. He said:

“While I was busy taking pictures of the city, I heard the scream of a child and directed my lens at the source of the scream”.

Mohamed tried to contact the child’s father, but, apparently, the father agrees with the teachers cruel methods to educate his son?

Beating Hatred

Nobody here is saying that children should not be punished or disciplined; however, what went on in that Quran class was nothing short of abuse. If children are experiencing their religion and their holy books in this way, would anyone be surprised if they grow up to become hateful and sadistic themselves? The violence and intolerance within the “holy texts” are enough; the Quran doesn’t need to be supplemented with learnt behaviours of violent beatings.

In the early part of 2017, a little girl was beaten in front of her classmates by her teacher. She returned home in tears. Her stepfather said:

“Two days later, the signs of violence appeared on Hiba’s face: her eye swelled, and she could not see very well”.

The girl was taken to the hospital; her condition improved for a few days. However, the pain in her eye returned, especially on the side where the teacher had struck her.

Hiba - A Tragic Traversty

A Young Life Ended So Tragically – Little Hiba

The little girl, her name was Hiba, she died days later. The doctor who carried out the autopsy looking for a cause of her death said she died because of an eye infection. An infection she did not have before her teacher struck her.

Hiba’s teacher denied beating her.

You can read more about that tragic story HERE.

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