Beastly Buck-Tooth ISIS Bride Betrayed Britain

by TR News

Shamima Begum – the beastly buck-tooth ISIS bride betrayed Britain, now she uses every stratagem of lawfare to “come home”.

Banished Begum

At the age of fifteen Shamima Begum and two friends decided the UK was no longer their home and their loyalty belonged to the terrorists of Islamic State. When Shamima entered Syria, she married a Dutch convert to Islam and ISIS jihadi fighter. Shamima had three children with him; all of them died while under her “care”.

Shamima lived under the rule of Islamic State for three years in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. While there she is alleged to have become a cruel enforcer for ISIS “morality police” and helped prepare suicide vests for their soldiers.

Begum Made Her Bed

Shamima was captured along with many other ISIS terrorists by Kurdish forces. She was discovered in a Kurdish controlled refugee camp and said she had “no regrets” in joining ISIS. During an interview, she said that she had become a stronger person (in Raqqa) and:

“I married my husband, I wouldn’t have found someone like him back in the UK. I had my kids, I did have a good time there.”

Begum Begging To “Come Home”

After being captured and contained by Kurdish forces in Syria life hasn’t been so good for Shamima, she went on record saying she would like to return to the UK, if the UK would have her back of course. Sajid Javid was the Home Office Minister at the time, and he revoked Shamima’s British citizenship leaving her stateless and denying her a return to the UK.

Terrorist Lawyer Using UK Lawfare

Shamima Begum has managed to obtain the legal services of Tasnime Akunjee in the hope she can force the government into taking her back. Tasnime likes to work with and for terrorists. He has courted politicians and organisations sympathetic to radical Islam.

Tasnime Akunjee Begum's Lawyer

Tasnime Akunjee Begum’s Lawyer

Tasnime Akunjee has defended one of Lee Rigby’s killers. He has stated that Muslims should not co-operate with the government’s counter-terrorism strategy (prevent) and he has worked closely with CAGE, a terrorist-supporting/sympathising organisation here in the UK.

Oh, he’s also been quite friendly with a high profile politician who said we should allow ISIS terrorists to return to the UK.

Tasnime Akunjee Friendly With Jeremy Corbyn

Tasnime Akunjee Friendly With Jeremy Corbyn

Tasnime is now angling that Shamima is a rape victim:

“She was married in an Isis ceremony within two weeks of reaching Syria to a 23-year-old fighter. Her context is as a rape victim, or a statutory rape victim.”

Isn’t that strange? The footage we embedded above has Shamima Begum saying she “married her husband” and that she wouldn’t have found anyone like him in the UK? That’s hardly a cry of rape, a cry for help, no it’s more of an acknowledgement that she was fine with the situation.

What’s it to be Tasnime, UK law or shariah law? Under shariah, she wouldn’t be considered a rape victim, because she was married at the time, a husband can’t rape his wife under Islamic law. Tasnime is simply using whatever law he can to bring back home a traitorous terror-supporting banished bin bag.

Intern Them Then Let Them Rot

Back in the days of the troubles, terrorists were “interned” to protect the general population from terror attacks which killed and maimed thousands of people over time. Now we are in a situation where legally, the human rights of the terrorist seem to supersede the rights of law-abiding citizens wanting to live without threat to their lives or livelihood.

Britain has already let in almost half of all the Muslims who went to Syria and Iraq. On that basis alone Tasnime has a point for Shamimas return, how can we let “exceptionally dangerous” ISIS fighters back into the UK but not a goofy bin-bag wearing poster girl for the Islamic State?

If Britain is to bring Shamima back, and there’s a real good chance for that to happen on a legal basis, why don’t we bring back internment camps?

We can round up all of the dangerous ISIS fighters who returned to the UK and let them camp it out on a remote, desolate, cold, choppy island somewhere off the UK mainland under guard for the rest of their natural lives. Any Muslim in the UK found to be supporting or preparing acts of terrorism can be immediately interned with their co-religionists.

Shamima thinks everyone should feel sympathy for her and let her come home, maybe another “camp” would be right up her street?

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