BBC Panodrama Scandal – Using Labour Activist Doctors!

by TR News
John Sweeney - Fake-News BBC

How do you like your news? Do you prefer journalism or partisan propaganda? BBC Panodrama Scandal – Using Labour Activist Doctors!

Panodrama Partisanship

The BBC aired its thoroughly discredited partisan propaganda programme Panorama last night, or as we prefer to call it – Panodrama. The BBC Panorama programme-makers thought it would be a good idea to dig up a Labour fossil, resuscitate it, then have it regurgitate a party political attack mantra on TV. Professor John Ashton (a verbose metaphorical linguistic terrorist) gladly threw political molotov cocktails on Panorama while hiding behind its human shield – the NHS.

According to a report from Guido Fawkes, John Ashton took up a third of the programme’s interviews with other British medical professionals to bludgeon the Conservative Government’s apparent “mishandling” of the NHS PPE shortage scandal. What the Panorama programme-makers failed to do was inform the British public about John Ashton’s fifty-plus years of Labour membership and activism, therefore deliberately concealing his partisan prejudices against “right-wing” political parties. Sky News mentions his past political affiliations, so why doesn’t the BBC do the same?

In Johns own words he said he’s:

“broad left, radical, non trot, baby boomer, green, gender-inclusive, feminist Labour. Party member for 53 years.”

John Ashton Guido fawkes

Credit To Guido Fawkes

Labour NHS Activism

Labour’s activist base runs very deep, and the NHS is a cudgel of choice to bludgeon its political adversaries. Does anyone remember the time when Boris Johnson visited Whipps Cross University Hospital in London before the December election? Boris went to visit the hospital with the intention to find out what his government can do to help hospitals all over the UK. Then the papers reported on “an angry father confronting him” over the state of the NHS and that “his daughter nearly died”. The man raised his voice and the expletives then extended to a party political attack – Conservatives have “destroyed” the NHS he said.

The father failed to give any exacting detail as to what happened to his daughter at Whipps Cross University Hospital; he certainly didn’t fail in his opportunistic heckling of the Prime Minister though!

Omar Salem Guido Fawkes

Credit To Guido Fawkes

The man in question was Omar Salem, a local Labour activist who campaigned against Brexit and worked towards a “Socialist Europe”, no different to Professor John Ashton in fact! Omar is an Oxford graduate who worked for Labour MP Emily Thornberry for two years and seven months.

Panorama programme-makers make good use of Labour activists it would seem. Not content with utilising the “expertise” of Professor John Ashton the BBC sanctioned the use of yet more Labour activists, activists embedded in the NHS. Panorama played out another beautiful Panodrama partisan production by also featuring Dr. Sonia Adesara, a Corbynite and former labour candidate. Then there was nurse Libby Nolan, a Unison Union Steward and Corbynite, and Dr. Irial Eno, a Tory hating activist who wants free access to NHS services for migrants. To complete the “non-partisan” panel of “experts” used by the BBC Panorama programme-makers we can turn to Dr. Asif Munaf, a fully independent pro-Corbyn and anti-Tory activist and finally, there was Dr. Abhi Mantgani who supports Labour’s radical Corbynista street movement Momentum.

Labour, its radical left-wing activists and it’s former leader, has always used the NHS to bludgeon Conservatives. Remember the time a 400-page dossier was “leaked” then used by Jeremy Corbyn? He claimed that Boris Johnson was going to sell off the National Health Service to Donald Trump!

Yes, that was yet more “fake-news” peddled by Liebour!

Jeremy Corbyn Telling Porky-Pies!

Jeremy Corbyn Telling Porky-Pies!

BBC Fake-News

Tommy Robinson and his TR.News team decisively dismantled, demolished and exposed the lies and fake-news BBC, Panorama and its star reporter John Sweeney. The intended “Tommy Takedown” didn’t go to plan and thus Panorama will forevermore be known as “Panodrama”.

Panorama may have replaced its “star reporter”, but it certainly hasn’t learnt any lessons, it still peddles its biases and fake news to the British public.

You can watch in full the BBC Panorama exposé “Panodrama” below on InfoWars BannedVideo.

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John Sweeney - Fake-News BBC

John Sweeney – Fake-News BBC

Tommy will be livestreaming on VK later tonight  to discuss all this and more so click on this link and join him there at 8pm!

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