Based Amy – How To DEFLATE The Left!

by TR News

During Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. the usual repetitive left-wing hyperventilating chants of “RACIST, BIGOT, MISOGYNIST, NAZI” echoed down the roads of London as robotic, thoughtless, narcissistic lefties read from their union paymasters script.

The left wanted to ridicule and show that Donald Trump was not welcome.

They do not speak for most Britons, although they certainly make a well-orchestrated noise giving the impression that they do.

We happen to love Donald Trump, as do MILLIONS of other Brits here in the U.K.

Sky news who have recently been bought out by leftist NBC ‘News’ parent company Comcast could not wait to set the tone for PRESIDENT Donald Trumps arrival; they did this by placing a “welcome to the U.K” advert on their newly acquired network.

We published an article relating to that HERE.



The left loves the ridicule; they are attention whores who are given a public platform of hate by liberal media; however, a Tommy Robinson supporter going by the name of “Based Amy” decided she had enough of the disrespect shown to the democratically elected leader of the free world.

Based Amy punctured the hearts of the radical left and left them utterly deflated! The Donald Trump baby blimp was put into early retirement.


Never mind, the left always vandalises and destroys property belonging to people who hold alternative views to their own, and usually do so without any ramification.

Cast your minds back to Tommy Robinsons MEP campaign, the screen on the bus was damaged by a lefty who threw a brick at it, what punishment did he get?

A caution. For causing £2000.00 worth of damage that Tommy ultimately had to pay for!

We will keep a “very close eye” on what happens to Based Amy.

We don’t condone any form of sabotage or vandalism or damage to property; however, like the left, we are just shrugging our shoulders with a big fat smile on our faces right now.

What goes around comes around.

Que sera sera.

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