Why they BANNED me from The Project

by Avi Yemini

Last night on The Project in a typical attempt to ridicule Donald Trump, the panel mocked a female person of colour, and suddenly, no one seems to care.

The panel didn’t mock or question any of the other 20 doctors in the press conference their story was on. They specifically targetted the African immigrant because she’s an easy target.

A lot of the stupid comments they’re using to delegitimise the doctor, come from her faith.

The Project must now be discrediting people based on their beliefs. I wonder if next time a Jew or Christian says something The Project doesn’t like, will they use their weird religious practices to discredit them?

Heck if we’re doing that, we can finally dismiss every argument Waleed has ever made because that guy believes some wacky ideas.

I tried to bring these points up with The Project via Twitter as I do most nights. It’s a painful but fun part of my day. However, this must-have hit a nerve because they suddenly blocked me.

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