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Today two baby faced White Supremacists who have been linked to proscribed terrorist organisation National Action, were sentenced for 18 months and 4 years and 3 months respectively.

Oskar Dunn-Zoczorowski (below) was found guilty of and admitted to two counts of encouraging terrorism.

Michal Szewczuk (below) pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five counts of possession of terrorist material, including the White Resistance Manual, The Anarchist Cookbook and the Al Qaeda Trading Manual.


Both of these baby-faced Nazi’s were members of the Sonnenkrieg Division, which has also been linked to American Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division.

Sonnenkrieg roughly translates to “Sun-War”, an apparent reference to the black sun imagery utilised in Nazi propaganda.

Szewczuk not only posted material promoting white supremacy while encouraging terrorism, but he also encouraged people to “violently rape women of all ages”.

Judge Rebecca Poulet QC said they:

“promoted the extreme violent ideology of right-wing groups inspired by racist and anti-Semitic neo-Nazism.”

She also said:

‘The posts I have seen and read are abhorrent as well as criminal by reason of their clear intention to encourage terrorist acts.’

While speaking to Szewczuk, she said:

‘Individuals were urged to go out and commit appalling acts of violence on others for no reason that can ever be understood by any right-thinking individuals.’

Clearly, both of these boys are troubled individuals who have been indoctrinated into the cult of National Socialism, an ideology with Socialism as its foundation, for those who object – the clue is in its name.

If you turn left three times and move on from there, before you know it, you are far-right.

Before we go any further, has anyone noticed if there was a court order protecting these goose-stepping sickos from reporters? Perhaps not, after looking at that video, such protection is only reserved for members of the religion of peace. Maybe the poor baby-faced Nazis who were followed by the BBC could put in a complaint, maybe the BBC caused them “anxiety”, and perhaps the attorney general will consider charging the reporter for the crime of doing his job?

Lets talk Nazi

We at TR.News can categorically state we vehemently oppose white supremacist retards, we always have done, and we always will do. At the same time, we also recognise that there are Nationalists out there who absolutely loathe white supremacists as well, they get unfairly tarnished by a goose-stepping minority mob of degenerate race haters, they are the kind of people who wake up each morning with boners after a wet dream involving their dead Fuhrer.

Members of the EDL were also unfairly treated by the media as Nazis and white supremacists, in fact, it is fair to say that the majority of the EDL was nothing like how the media portrayed them to be either. There were several occasions when Nazis turned up at demonstrations and got a good hiding, nothing short of what they deserved, but what did the papers say the next day?

EDL members fight amongst themselves!

NO, EDL members, ones that were true to Tommy’s cause fought the real far-right, but you will never read that in a paper, or see that on any mainstream news.

The REAL FAR-RIGHT hated Tommy and still do, in fact, they want to kill him just as much as the militant members of the religion of peace, as you can see below the Racial Volunter Force were not exactly fans of Tommy or the EDL:


Because Islamism and Nazi’ism are opposite sides of the very same coin, both hold supremacist ideals, both hate “the other” because “the other” is inferior. We and Tommy despise both with a passion.

We wonder what an Islamist and Nazi love child would turn out like? Or perhaps the blessed union of Muhammad and Hitler? It would always hate half of itself most likely.

Anyway, next time you see or hear of anyone slandering Tommy, you know about being “far-right”, about being a “Nazi”, then please do send them over to this article.

TR.News is very clear about what we think of white supremacists and Nazis, so has Tommy, although he tends to have to say it more often than we do, that’s because he’s over the target and the establishment are scared of him.

We don’t do Nazis, never have, never will.

Lest we forget!

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