Avi Yemini is a free man after Police forced to withdraw

by Avi Yemini

WE DID IT!!! As of TODAY, I am a free man.

My sensational legal representation ripped the state a new one, who today was forced to withdraw all five of their trumped-up and politically motivated charges against me, including the two charges that have NEVER been prosecuted before.

While today is a huge win for free speech and justice was finally served, it’s a reminder of what we’re up against; This kind lawfare, where the process itself is the punishment.

These past few months have been intense emotionally, physically and financially. I had the threat of jail hanging over my head and forced to return to court every few weeks. Not to mention, the thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal debts I have accumulated. All, to defend myself for merely running a legitimate policical campaign.

The five charges were absurd, but the pretence of the police investigation is what was most infuriating.

The Greens candidate that was opposing me in the 2018 state election complained to police that I had targeted him as a person of colour, not because he was my rival in the elections.

The bloke is hardly a shade darker than me, so for police to take allegations seriously enough to investigate and charge me, Australia’s proudest BROWN Jew on the basis that I am essentially a ‘white supremacist’, is sickening.

It begs the question, why?

And I can answer that easily, they want to silence me, and they have shown that they will stop at nothing to achieve that aim.

I did nothing wrong, and today I have finally been vindicated. I’ve learnt from my past never to plead guilty to crimes you haven’t committed, no matter what they offer you.

But fighting for my freedom was certainly not free, not even close. I still a huge outstanding bill. So, if you’re willing and able to be a part of our massive win against the Greens who have once again taken essential police resources off the frontlines here in Victoria for their own personal political gain then, please go to SupportAvi.com or use the donation box below.

Thank you all for having my back.

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