Avi Yemini faces court this week for 5 criminal charges

by TR News

Avi Yemini is set to face the Melbourne Magistrates Court this Wednesday for his 2018 political campaign in the Victorian State elections.

Yemini is accused of:

  1. Stalking; for attending polling booths that he was a candidate at.
  2. Breaking the electoral act; for allegedly handing out how to vote cards within six meters of a polling booth.
  3. Breaking the electoral act; for allegedly “intimidating” an opposing candidate within 100 meters of a polling station.
  4. Using a carriage service to harass a persons; for livestreaming his political campaigning online.
  5. Assault; for allegedly holding his phone camera too close to another candidate.

Avi Yemini is pleading not guilty to all charges. If convicted, he is facing a prison sentence.

An online fundraising campaign to cover Yemini’s defence has been set up at SupportAvi.com


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