AVI REPORTS – Police Say “No Pasarán”

by TR News

At the Justice for Tommy event held today, City of London Police were used as gatekeepers for the mainstream press. AVI REPORTS – Police Say “No Pasarán”.

Today has been a day of absolute love and support for a man who is taking on the political and legal establishment. Not by choice though, this would be the SECOND time Tommy Robinson has had to defend himself against a contempt of court case.

Our dear colleague, friend and tenacious reporter Avi Yemini (a man of Nazi decent if you would believe his detractors) is part and parcel of TR.News. Avi is a reporter who works as part of our team.

He reports, he investigates, he writes, and he produces video content for the TR.News platform – he is actually more than a journalist. However, he is not a member of the political-press country club. Avi is working-class independent media, not a posh political toff with a silver spoon stuck in his backside

AVI REPORTS – Police Say “No Pasarán”

He dared to try and report on what was going on during Tommy’s court case; he situated himself near the tabloid trash with “press credentials.” Avi, microphone in hand, was instantly recognised by the gatekeepers of the free press – The City Of London Police Force.

Luckily for the British public, the City Of London Police are trained to identify and deal with aggressive Nazi’s. Avi was promptly taken away by force and then pushed back into an area away from the Fake-News Gutter Press Pen.

Aside from the satirical content of this piece, there lies perhaps a more concerning point, one that needs addressing.  What did Avi manage to expose to everyone today?

Unless you are part of the Fake-News Establishment Gutter Press and hold a card to verify your Fake-News credentials, you are not allowed near a story. You are not allowed to report Real-News, truth must not get out there into the public domain. Only controllable sycophantic arse-licking journalists can report for the needs of the political class – it’s always about pushing a media narrative that suits an agenda.

Avi Yemini is a reporter; he is a journalist; it’s just that because he is part of the TR.News team he’s not invited to that country club. Avi is a threat to democracy and world peace, oh and he’s a Nazi, did we mention that already?

Thank God for the gatekeepers of the free-press!

We can all sleep soundly tonight.

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