Australian reporter Avi Yemini gets ‘BANNED’ from Facebook following his exposure of Jim Jefferies

by TR News

TR.NEWS’ very own Australian reporter Avi yemini has been BANNED permanently by Facebook for allegedly using ‘hate speech’ as quoted by Facebook.

This comes almost immediately after the hard hitting reporter completely exposed ‘comedian’ Jim Jefferies.

TR.NEWS recently published an exclusive article on which Avi Yemini exposed the Australian ‘comedian’ by secretly recording the full interview, of which he was invited to by Jim Jefferies. Yemini made the decision to record this interview in the worry that his honest responses to the questions posed would be edited and ‘re-engineered’ to fit the selective narrative of the ‘comedian’ for malicious intent. Boy was he right!

Yemini had requested prior to the show that he did not want the answers to his questions edited, cut and switched over to answers to other questions, and he would refuse to appear unless they promised him that they would not feature him alongside far-right Neo-Nazi type people…..Of course Jefferies promised all but delivered none of those promises.

The interview, which was recorded some months back, was only recently published following the Christchurch Mosque attack in New Zealand, with the ‘Jim Jefferies Show’ shockingly attempting to imply that the interview took place after the attack and, to also brand Yemini far-right and link him somehow with the sickening atrocities that occurred.

Unfortunately for Jim Jefferies and his show, the attempt to ‘re-engineer’ the narrative came back to bite him ferociously.

The ‘comedians’ true thoughts and views on Islam were exposed, with footage of him both mocking the Prophet Mohammad and drawing him as ‘wobbly ghost’

Yemini has since released further footage of Jefferies Islamophobic slurs.

Today Facebook unpublished his page and when he tried to reach it he was met with the message that said “Your page has been unpublished for using hate speech, which goes against the Facebook Community standards.”

Commenting Yemini said “I hardly used it, but I’ve lost over 300,000 followers as this is the third page they have banned.”

Facebook is done, Their ongoing attack on free speech is ultimately going to cost them their business.”

This just demonstrated even more clearly why sites like TR.NEWS is so important.”

They can kick us of their platforms, but they’ll never silence us, hopefully soon, Trump will finally stop the bias against Conservatives.”


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