What you need to know about the bushfires in Australia

by Avi Yemini

Devastating bushfires are raging across our country at the moment, and emotions are running high, but let’s cut through the bull.

If you’re using these horrific fires to push your apocalyptic climate change warnings, you’re not only full of crap – you’re also an a-hole.

Horror bushfires have been burning this land from before we even got here. Just because everyone has a camera in their pocket in 2020 to capture the horror, doesn’t mean it never happened before.

How do you imagine Black Thursday bushfires in 1851 or Black Sunday in 1955 looked BEFORE iPhone X was released.

Even just ten years ago, Black Saturday bushfires killed 173 people in Victoria.

So let’s cut the crap. It’s bloody sad, and as a country, we must get behind the victims, but pointing at climate change is plain wrong.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re right about the science, which I’m not saying you are – but to make this point, let’s say you are right.

Even if Australia cuts carbon emissions to 0% today, it would have absolutely no effect on climate change because we’re so insignificant on the world scale.

So if you’re right about climate science, Australia is really just a victim of the world’s emissions, and unless you can get China and India to cut to 0% as well, we’ll continue to be so.

You’re not getting China and India on board, so why the hell are you going on about it. You don’t have any practical solution for rural Australians that are losing everything as we speak, you’re just using their pain and suffering to score cheap political points.

Again, if you’re right about the climate science, then Australia is a combustible island, and all we can practically do is minimise the impact.

It would help if you weren’t screaming about problems we can’t do anything about and instead talk about what we can control; like backburning and support, and planning, and proper funding for firefighters. Oh, and how to stop arsonists from lighting these bloody fires in the first place, not climate change, PEOPLE!

And while you’re at it, stop hiding and start CONDEMNING these idiots from “your side” of politics who advocate policies that are responsible for this crisis.

Instead of all that, you guys push your radical agenda on these peoples backs. You pretend to care about the firefighters because it’s another way to attack our Prime Minister, but only a couple of months ago you claimed they go home and beat their partners during these testing times.

You don’t care about the people affected, the firefighters or our country. You care about your vile, hateful, spiteful politics.

Don’t get me wrong; I think Scott Morison has dropped the ball a few times now. Just yesterday, Morrison messed up when victims confronted him.

He had no response. He came up with nothing. He should’ve said to them ‘the government has just released WHATEVER amount of emergency funds for your area’. But he had nothing to offer. When attacked, his response was to run away.

But even in this case, the victims were clearly politically motivated. The literally said it. Then when they chased him out, they cried that no one cares about them.

But you literally just chased out the most powerful man in the country.

So please, for the sake of those who have to go through bushfire season every single year, can we please just focus on the real solutions.

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