LEFTIST POLL: 75% of Australia SUPPORT Donald Trump

by Avi Yemini

Yesterday, on the back of news Joe Biden picked his running mate, Peter FitzSimons thought he’d run a poll on Twitter.

FitzSimons asked his 102,000 followers who they think will win the November election.

Hardly unbiased, but don’t worry – I fixed that. I retweeted it to make sure there’s some balance.

I have no doubt, Peter FitzSimons was planning to write a piece for the Sydney Morning Herald titled ‘99% of Australia are AGAINST Trump’… or something very dishonest along those lines.

It turned out 75% voted Trump.

Suddenly FitzSimons narrative changed; it was all about expectations, and the poll doesn’t represent support.

We all know that’s absolute rubbish. Even FitzSimons does, hence his “surprise” when even only 40% voted Trump.

Yes, his question conveniently leaves an opening for him to backtrack, but its common sense that the vast majority who voted were wishfully voting. They believe Trump will win because they SUPPORT Trump. The 25% who voted Biden, are his deluded followers who WISH for Trump to lose.

In summary: 75% of Australia don’t only believe Trump will win; they SUPPORT Trump winning.

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