Australia: Muslim found GUILTY of ASSAULTING Jew

by Avi Yemini

A Muslim activist in Australia named Sam Ekermawi who has filed numerous racial vilification and discrimination complaints against prominent Australians was found guilty on Friday of assaulting pro-Israel activist Avi Yemini during a scuffle outside a courthouse in Sydney in June 2018.

In the incident, Ekermawi, a Palestinian immigrant to Australia, was attending a hearing involving a complaint he filed with the Australian Human Rights Commission, which investigates alleged infringements of anti-discrimination legislation, against TV news presented Sonia Kruger.

In a 2016 on-air discussion, Kruger backed a ban on Muslim immigrants to Australia and said that there was a correlation between the number of Muslim immigrants in a given country and the number of terror attacks it suffers.

Ekermawi, 75, sued Kruger under anti-discrimination legislation. The case against Kruger was dismissed in February this year, since Australian law bans discrimination on a racial basis only, and the court determined that while Kruger had vilified the Muslim community as a whole, Muslims do not constitute a racial group.

Following a court hearing in June 2018, Yemini confronted Ekermawi while recording the incident on a cell phone to protest his frequent legal complaints and what he and fellow activists describe as an assault on freedom of speech in Australia.

While accosting Ekermawi following the hearing with several supporters, Yemini can be heard telling Ekermawi to “go back to the shit hole you come from” whereupon Ekermawi lunged at Yemini and grabbed his arm, tussling with him for several moments before being separated.

Yemini said that the primary reason he filed a complaint against Ekermawi was “to give this man a taste of his own medicine,” in relation to the multiple complaints the Muslim activist has filed for racial vilification.

“This is someone who has come to Australia to build a better life and spends most of his days taking high-profile Australians to human rights commission for offending Islam,” said Yemini.

“He’s found a way to manipulate the Australian judicial system to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post


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