Article 50 Extension???

by TR News

Parliament has backed a government motion to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit. The motion was passed by 412 to 202. Worryingly all of this has occurred despite Theresa May previously being insistent on her promise to the public that she would not extend Article 50 in any circumstance and that the UK would be leaving the EU on the initially proposed date of 29th March 2019.

So what this now means is that Theresa May’s deal will now for a third time be put forward by ministers. If this is third time lucky and the deal is passed, a ‘technical’ extension will then be sought from the EU for the implementation of the required laws and legislature for the proposed deal with a date of 30th June being proposed.

Should the deal not get voted through, an alternative reason or purpose for an extension will need to be proposed to the EU, which will also need to be unanimously agreed and signed off by the European Council, and in the meantime, shockingly the UK will continue to be a participant in the European Elections should the extension be beyond 30th June.

Luckily for Theresa May, she didn’t fall victim to another amendment tabled by Hillary Benn MP which would have resulted in her losing effective control of the parliamentary timetable, this amendment was defeated by just 2 votes.


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