Arsonist KILLED Family Out Of Honour

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The Burnt Out Home Of The Murdered Family

Shahid Mohammed – an arsonist killed family out of honour because he disapproved of his sisters choice of boyfriend.

The murderer of eight people at home in Huddersfield dating back to 2002 has finally been brought to justice. Shahid Mohammed has today been found guilty of this horrendous crime.

Appearing at Leeds Crown Court, Shahid was found to have petrol bombed the house after pouring petrol through the letterbox. The petrol ignited and consequently killed eight members of the family, including five children aged three, ten, five, two and a six-month-old baby.

Shahid Mohammed - The Face Of Evil

Shahid Mohammed – The Face Of Evil

Arsonist KILLED Family Out Of Honour

Shahid Mohammed got arrested shortly after the house went up in flames in Birkby Huddersfield in 2002. He skipped bail and fled to Pakistan, which begs the same question. Why do people accused of heinous crimes such as murder, rape and child molestation get bail and then have the chance to evade justice by fleeing to a foreign country?

Jurors at Leeds Crown Court heard that Shahid disapproved of his sister’s relationship with her boyfriend at the time. There is nothing honourable about killing a family with five of those victims being very young children.

It has taken seventeen years for British authorities to track Shahid down in Pakistan and eventually have him extradited back to Britain for trial and sentencing.

There is an epidemic of “honour killings” here in the United Kingdom which is an unfortunate consequence of importing despicable backward, barbaric, third-world cultural intolerances unchecked and en masse.

Seven thousand cases of “honour based violence” were recorded in the UK between 2011 and 2016 alone. Click HERE to find out more.

The Dangers Of Cultural Sensitivity

The multi-cultural experiments conducted by social engineers promoting “cultural sensitivity” have aided and abetted in the murder of many women here in the United Kingdom. This “cultural sensitivity” has allowed for an estimated twelve honour killings each year in the UK. This is a figure that charity organisations see as a gross underestimation of reality.

Those who dare highlight this despicable “cultural enrichment” are quickly slapped down as being “Islamophobic” or “haters” or “racist”. The regressive far-left, rather than call a spade a spade, have clung to the vitue of political correctness. They have helped nurture and protect the depraved and sickening culture of honour killing. The victims of which are all women and young girls who bring “shame” on their family.

Muslim Child Gang Rape

The Cover Up – Muslim Child Gang Rape

We also know that this politically correct “cultural sensitivity” has destroyed the lives of young children up and down the UK. For example, Its anathema to say that predominantly Pakistani Muslim men gang-rape, abuse and pimp out underage vulnerable Non-Muslim children on an industrial scale, even though the statistics are there to prove it.

Muslim Pakistani men dont want to bring “shame” on their community by sexually abusing their own children, but children from the Non-Muslim community are fair game, or as Jack Straw would say they are “easy meat”.

Telling the truth about depraved cultural practises and then actually doing something about them can save lives, hows that for a revolutionary act?

There is no “honour” in killing women and girls, likewise there is no “honour” in abusing, molesting, raping and pimping Non-Muslim children.

Time to dispense with cultural sensitivity and political correctness, it destroys lives!

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