Are Virtuous Left-Wingers Really Closet Racists?

by TR News

Justin Trudeau is a woke Canadian Prime Minister. His morality and sense of equity make him a great human being, but, are virtuous left-wingers really closet racists?

The Pomposity Of Privilege

Justin Trudeau comes from a very wealthy background, far removed from the realities of the working class, just like most politicians in fact. You will not find many world leaders as “woke” and “progressive” as Justin, or so he would like you to think.

Justin chose his cabinet not based on meritocracy or competency, but on genitalia. He has virtue signalled his way through woke fogs of political self-destruction since he was elected as Canadian Prime Minister.

To be absolutely clear, we are not deriding the fact that his cabinet has an equal amount of men and women. What we are saying is that to have a fully functioning cabinet, you need competency. You cannot and should not ever measure competency on genitalia. It should not matter whether you are a man or a woman, if more women are competent, then his cabinet should have more women than men. What matters is whether you are qualified to do the job you are entrusted with for the betterment of the people who elected you.

With Justin, it’s not about competency; it’s about equity. It’s the politics of the virtuous, of high morals and being a great human being. It’s about virtue signalling.

Tucker Nailed It

As most people are aware by now, Justin has been caught out wearing “blackface”. Tucker Carson rightly points out that the virtuous propaganda of the left hides the sins and hypocrisy of their past.

Justin "Woke Blackface" Trudeau

Justin “Woke Blackface” Trudeau

Politicians have a hard time owning up to past mistakes, taking full responsibility for their actions or lack thereof, and Justin is no different. It wasn’t Justin’s fault that he wore blackface on at least three separate occasions, oh no, it was caused by white privilege! The problem isn’t that Justin is a hypocrite, or that he wore blackface, something he chose to do, the problem is with “white society” and the privilege that comes with it.

The “woke” left, rather than take full responsibility, will continue to move the goalposts and apply different standards to themselves in order to excuse their classless cultural and racial insensitivities.

Judging themselves by the high standards they impose on everyone else proves very difficult for the “woke” left.

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