Are Vegan Cultists The Strongest In The World?

by TR News

Our intrepid reporter avid Avi has been following vegan activists in Australia. But are vegan cultists the strongest in the world?

Veganism The New Cult

Cows fart too much, and they are responsible for the depletion of our ozone layer according to congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Flatulent bovines contribute a significant risk as climate change accelerates. According to Alexandria, we only have twelve years to save the planet from large gaseous herbivores bred for burgers.

Cut Meat Out – Save The Planet

Extinction Rebellion has set about causing panic and distress to the masses – our world is dying! But how do left-wing agitators complement each other to achieve their goals? Well, prominent leftist politicians like Alexandria calling for a reduction in cow farts is one way, or her advice to stop or drastically reduce eating meat is another.

The cult of veganism rides on the back of public panic because meat-eaters contribute to global warming. Meat eaters drive the cow farming industry and thus the destruction of planet earth. We should only eat vegetables, grains, nuts and pulses. That would save our planet!

Be Strong – Be Vegan!

The video above with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, proves beyond any doubt that the strongest man in the world is a vegan, he’s a record-breaking vegan! You can stop eating evil meat, save the planet and become the strongest record-breaking man in the world, just change your lifestyle and join the cult of veganism! The only trouble with that assertion is that it’s hyperbolic and not rooted in fact as REAL strongman Robert Oberst explains here.

The cult of veganism is here; it hypes itself even though it is economical with the truth, just like the climate change avengers of Extinction Rebellion. The only problem is that if everyone were to become vegan, imagine how much more human farts would contribute to the destruction of the ozone? Imagine eating beans and pulses every day; workplaces would become intolerable, messy too!

Vegans and climate protesters have at least sharted to make a difference by raising awareness, for that we must be thankful.

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