ANTIFA Victim Andy Ngo – An Update

by TR News
Andy Ngo Speaks To Sky News Australia

ANTIFA Victim Andy Ngo – An Update

Andy Ngo, a reporter who works for Quillette, got badly beaten by ANTIFA thugs in Portland Oregon while documenting thier demonstration. We brought this news to you HERE and HERE.

Andy has since received an outpouring of sympathy and support from those who are politically alligned on “the right”. However those who allign themselves on “the left” not so much, including those in the media.

Andy calls out the left wing media enablers of ANTIFA as well as Portland Police and its mayor Ted Wheeler.

Andy’s fight is only just beginning, he is looking to bring to account violent ANTIFA thugs, Portland Police and it’s Mayor who did not support him.

ANTIFA and those who support them, have continued to threaten Andy after his violent beating.

You can find Andy’s Twitter feed HERE.

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