ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Conservative Journalist

by TR News
Andy Ngo After Antifa Attack Him

In October 2018 Andy Ngo an Asian American Conservative journalist for Quillette took footage of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters. The protestors blocked roads, abused and attacked commuters and the general public while they were trying to go about their daily business in peace.

That was the day Andy became a target of the tolerant far-left anarchist group Antifa.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was criticised, as were Portland police who made no arrests even though “officers observed people in possession of hard-knuckled gloves, firearms, batons and knives. Officers also observed people use pepper spray,” according to a Police department statement.

You can find that report HERE.

Andy’s video went viral at the time, Tucker Carlson of Fox news allowed Andy to give his perspective on the situation given that Andy lives in Portland, Oregon.

ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Conservative Journalist

Yesterday Andy was covering another far-left-wing protest; it was clear that Antifa was in attendance.

Andy was severely beaten, had his camera equipment taken from him, rocks and eggs were thrown at him, and milkshakes containing quick drying cement were thrown in his face.

Andy has personal experience of Antifa attacking and harassing him because he refuses to conform to their “oppressed narrative”. Andy is guilty of wrongthink in the eyes of the far-left; he is a traitor to their cause.

Andy is a courageous journalist; he knew he was a target because Antifa promised “physical confrontation” and singled him out to be assaulted.

Andy Ngo Finds Out Antifa Want To Attack Him

Andy Ngo Finds Out Antifa Want To Attack Him

Andy was targeted for his honest journalism which makes a refreshing change in this climate of fake-news. He wrote an article for Spectator USA after being insulted and intimidated by Antifa protestors, he said:

‘Why did I, a Vietnamese-American gay journalist, receive this reaction from a self-described anti-racist social justice movement?’

Because I tried to report honestly on Antifa – the far-left movement of communists, socialists, and anarchists who agitate for revolution. Their M.O. is direct confrontation against their opponents by any means necessary, including violence.

You can check out all the video evidence Andy has on his Twitter feed HERE.

We hope that Andy recovers soon, there are very few honest and brave journalists like him in the media.

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