Anti-White Racism Is Not Acceptable Racism!

by TR News
Labour Councillor - Neale Gibson

Are you female, white, and a victim of Muslim child-rape gangs? If you are, you need to shut up! Anti-White Racism Is Not Acceptable Racism!

It’s Okay To Rape British Children Because?

Labour Councillor for Walkley (Sheffield) Neale Gibson Abo Anber caused a bit of a stir on Twitter the other day after posting an ill-advised comment. Neale has got form for making insensitive and derogatory comments; for example, he was reprimanded by the Labour Group after making ‘extremely insensitive’ comments on social media about the death of a young girl. He was also investigated by the council after it was reported that he used a fake Twitter account to abuse members of the public and political opponents.

Labour Councillor Neale Gibson

Labour Councillor for Walkley (Sheffield) Neale Gibson

In January of 2019, Neal was removed from a licencing committee after allegations linked his company to an escort business. Although he wasn’t found guilty of any “wrongdoing”, the council stood by their decision to remove him from the committee. Also in 2019, he had the whip removed by the Labour party for “breaching their code of conduct”, allegedly due to complaints made about him by a member of the public.

Here is Neale, the secretary of LGBT Sheffield – “Winning With Love”.

Neale Gibson LGBT Volunteer

Neale Gibson LGBT Volunteer

Twitter user Dr. Bruce Masters is an author, psychologist, campaigner, former Royal Marine, husband and father. Bruce had the audacity to post a link from the Daily Mail. They reported on the thirty-fifth Huddersfield Muslim child-raping gang member, Manzoor Akhtar. Manzoor was sentenced for four years for raping a young girl, he groomed her when she was only thirteen years old. The same article also highlighted the case of Shaqeel Hussain who received a further twelve-months on top of an eight-year sentence for assaulting a sixteen-year-old girl and raping a fourteen-year-old girl respectively.

Dr. Bruce Masters

Twitter Post From Dr. Bruce Masters

Perhaps the tipping point for Labour Councillor Neale Gibson was that thirty-five Huddersfield child gang rapists received jail sentences totalling three hundred and eighty years? Neale took to Twitter to protest Bruce’s post.

He said:

“Well, considering the number of innocents murdered and raped by soldiers of the British state over the years……”

Like Bruce said in his online retort, does this mean Britain deserves grooming gangs? Even if true, that somehow justifies the industrialised gang-rape, molestation, abuse and pimping out of thousands of innocent British children?

What kind of a man would make such an inference using such twisted and disgusting logic?

Dr. Bruce Masters

Dr. Bruce Masters Twitter Post

You can find the entire Twitter feed by clicking HERE. Labour Councillor Neale Gibson has since deleted his Twitter account after his atrocious non sequitur social media post. Is Neal Gibson an accurate representation of the far-left Labour white hate brigade? Does mentioning the industrialised rape of British children by Muslim gangs trigger a reflexive argument from an inherent left-wing false premise, a false equivalence even?

Systemic Anti-White Racism

TR.News republished a story from a grooming gang survivor; her name is Jennifer. Her story is soul-destroying, deeply upsetting, and not for the faint of heart, the fact that she has come out and told her story is in and of itself an act of absolute bravery. Unfortunately for Jennifer, she has had to endure constant online attacks from people on the “ideological left”. Jennifer’s story starts with abuse at home, by white people, which then leads to “grooming” by Pakistani Muslims who carry on abusing and raping her for many many years, Pakistani Muslims who treated her as a possession, as a sex-slave.

For Jennifer to mention the word Pakistani, she has been accused and attacked for complicity in some kind of nefarious far-right agenda. Just for telling her story. Just for telling the truth.

If you want to read Jennifer’s story, then please click HERE to read more.

Then there is the story of Ella Hill, another Rotherham survivor of Muslim gang rape. She is attacked constantly for merely bringing up the anti-white, anti-western and Islamic religious justifications used by her abusers. They beat and raped her repeatedly for years as a child. Ella has also suffered online abuse from those on the political left.

In her own words, she said:

“On Twitter, I get a lot of abuse from far-left extremists and radical feminist academics. There is one group who go online, and they try to resist anyone they consider to be a Nazi, racist, fascist or white supremacist. They don’t care about anti-white racism, because they appear to believe that it doesn’t exist. They have tried to floor me and criticise me continually, and this has been going on for a couple of months.”

So Ella in the mids of the “progressive left” is guilty of raising awareness of anti-white racism and bigotry, anti-western sentiment and her abusers use of Islamic texts to justify their raping and beating her? She is “guilty” for wanting “grooming gang” (child rapists) abusers receive harsher sentences because of the racist, anti-white, anti-western and religious justifications used by them. She simply wants UK legislation to acknowledge the racist and religious aspects of “grooming gang” crime.

Dr Ella Hill Twitter Post

Dr Ella Hill Twitter Post


Ella is guilty of wanting equality before the law. If a white person attacks someone based solely on the colour of their skin, the region of the world from which they come from, or the religion they follow, they would automatically receive a much harsher custodial sentence for their crime. Unfortunately, this has not been the case (in many instances) when Muslim child rapists have been sentenced to a prison term.

Dr Ella Hill Anti-White Hate Crime

Dr Ella Hill Posting About Anti-White Hate Crime

Ella has campaigned relentlessly asking Twitter to recognise anti-white hate crime, Twitter’s response?

Twitter - Anti-White

Twitter’s Response To Anti-White Hate Crime

So while there’s justifiable, systemic racial abuse of white people online, the white victims of Muslim child-rape gangs will continue to suffer. They deserve their persecution because they dared to speak of their “lived experiences” as young white British children.

There is no such thing as anti-white hate crime!

There’s nothing to see here!

If you think there is then you must be the racist!

You must be the problem!

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