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Tommy Robinson - Waking People Up

Today we have another Tommy update for you. Avi has spoken to one of the lads who visited him yesterday and asked us to forward you this information.

First of all, Tommy is in good health, he has lost around a stone in weight, but he looks good for it. His weight loss is due to around an hours exercise each morning (using the exercise bike). When he has finished, he’s dripping wet from top to toe with sweat and then takes his morning shower.

Tommy then usually has up to half an hour walk in the yard, which is a tiny enclosed space, but he does get some fresh air when he does this. After that, he will have some time to make any calls to family and friends, and by 11 o’clock he’s locked up again until the following day.

We can, without a doubt, say that Tommy has not lost his sense of humour. The lads who visited could not help but laugh at the state of his hair and his beard, in fact, one of the lads suggested he looked like a bearded Rick Astley. Tommy responded by saying he is grateful he does not have a mirror to look into (we have of course paraphrased and “toned down” his actual response, we will leave that to your imagination!).

Silencing A Man Does Not Prevent Truth Being Told

Silencing A Man Does Not Prevent Truth Being Told

Tommy is still very able and willing to “banter” with his friends and family even during these difficult times. This alone says a lot about his frame of mind and the strength and determination of his character. This also reflets on how much better he is being treated inside Belmarsh, a world away from his treatment in Onley. Tommy is having ongoing discussions with his legal team, however, as before, we cannot at this time go into those details with you.

Tommy asked us to thank you all for your continued support; he finally received letters yesterday which he was delighted with. Your messages of support and encouragement go a long way to pass the time and nullify the boredom of being locked up for such long periods in isolation.

There were a couple of concerns the lads had when visiting Tommy. He’s become a bit obsessed with a few tv shows, Friends, Hollyoaks and Love Island, to name a few. As you can probably guess that was another point of “lad banter” during the visitation.

When the lads visited Tommy, they took with them a bag of his favourite goodies, haribo, chewits, cheese and onion crisps and more. The lads think that Tommy now holds the world record for the consumption of cheese and onion crisps as he seemed to swallow five bags in next to no time!

Tommy is in good health; the prison governor is treating him well, and he is eating properly. However, he really does look like a bearded Rick Astley! No doubt when Tommy gets out in around four weeks, he will need to visit the barbers and the dentist and make those his top priority when he leaves Belmarsh.

Again Tommy wants to thank you all; he keeps ALL of your correspondence, even from past political incarcerations.

God bless you all and keep up the good fight.

We are all Tommy Robinson!

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