Another Osman Warning For Tommy And His Family

by TR News
Tommy Robinson Threatened With Assasination

Speaking truth, exposing corruption and defending freedom of speech has led to another Osman Warning for Tommy and his family.

Freedom To Be Hated

It’s a sad reflection of the times we live in when freedom of speech is associated with violence, even if you do not call for violence when speaking.

Speaking truth is hate speech and exposing corruption is a criminal offence. That is the 1984 inverted world we now live in. Tommy has, amongst many other things, exposed this topsy turvy landscape we reside in. We have watched first hand how the state and media treat him, the lies, the defamation, the slander, the hatred, and for what?

The reason seems to be obvious; the caricaturing of Tommy Robinson as some far-right racially motivated hate preacher is not only ludicrous but evidentially false. There is and never has been any racial motivations portrayed by Tommy. If you were to read any newspapers, google his name, find commentary on Facebook or other social media, the only things you will tend to see are these false pejorative characterisations of him. The government, the press, politicians, far-left activists and Muslim extremists want and need him to be the bogeyman, the picture on the dartboard.

Tommy Robinson Osman Warning

Tommy Robinson Osman Warning

Propaganda Kills

The amount of negative propaganda in the ether of the internet is simply astounding when you search for Tommy Robinson. The first hits you will come across on the net will be negative. When people read about these fabricated characterisations of him, their perception will likely be one of hate and loathing. Who would care if this man was badly beaten or killed?

Those who actually know Tommy Robinson, those who have actually seen or spoken to Tommy Robinson, and those who have taken the time to wade through the innumerable pejorative fogs of disinformation will know that Tommy Robinson is not the hateful caricature painted by mainstream media after all.

The propagandised projections of a racist, a Neo-Nazi, and white supremacist are so delusional they beggar belief. Is it any wonder that Tommy Robinson has to face continual threats, his wife and his kids too? Those threats do come with credibility, which is why he has received yet another Osman warning.

Tommy Robinson has only been released from prison for around three weeks now. Yes, that’s right, two Osmans in three weeks, we are pretty sure that’s a record! The frustration is that NOBODY has been arrested for these “credible threats”, not once has anyone appeared in court for these crimes. The message that sends is obvious. Sending death threats to Tommy or his family members is fine, however, if you dare post a tweet about biological men, your door will get kicked in by the Twitter police.

Another frustration is that Police confirm they cannot protect Tommy. If he were to carry a weapon in self-defence, then he would be arrested, and the full might of the British judicial system would be thrown at him. That would no doubt lead to a custodial sentence leaving his wife and kids more vulnerable to attack from a murderous nutjob.

Whichever way Tommy turns there are repercussions and yet another way to persecute him and his family. At the end of the day, with no other options ahead of him, the choice will always be straightforward.

A man has to do whatever a man has to do to protect his wife and kids.

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