Anne Marie Waters – Twitter BAN

by TR News

Anne Marie Waters has been banned from Twitter as has her political party’s Twitter account, no doubt because she is a vocal critic of Islam as an ideology, sharia law and a particular demographic of the Muslim population.

Such views are incompatible with far-left apologists, and as a result, they have campaigned with all their might to get her removed.

Anne Marie is on the “far-left hit list” of groups like Resisting Hate, who aim to “take down” who they perceive as being “high profile haters” with large social media followings.

That is the Modus-Operandi of the far-left; they silence voices and opinions that run counter to their own political and cultural world view. They perfectly personify the true meaning of Fascism.

Of course, groups like Resisting Hate are aided and abetted by tech giants based in silicon valley, a place where “progressive” or should we say, “regressive” political thought comes from in the USA.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been scrutinised In America by members of Congress relating to their de-platforming, banning and “shadow banning” of high profile “right-leaning” political voices.

Anne Marie was banned, not because she’s a terrible human being; she was banned because she was effective in getting an alternative voice out to counter the noise and fake news pushed out by corrupt media and the politically correct.

Anne Marie set up a website in 2014 called Sharia Watch UK. You will find a wealth of information if you visit it HERE.

Anne Marie is yet another voice and opinion deemed too dangerous by the powers that be, their social media friends and the far-left. She is also the leader of a political party – For Britain, this is yet again another example of the neo-liberal globalist establishment working with the far-left as they clamp down on active political dissenters.

Dissenting views are not allowed, free speech is not allowed, only “group think” and “political correctness” is acceptable. Social media has become much much less about the individual; it’s more and more about the collective.

Think about that for a moment, its comparable to the differences between capitalism and socialism, democracy and dictatorship, freedom and tyranny, right and wrong, emancipation and slavery, salvation and submission.

Don’t be a slave, alternative platforms are popping up all the time, why not join us on Telegram, you can find us HERE, once you have signed up all you need to do is add yourself to the group Tommy Robinson News.

Easy as that!

Its time for viable alternatives to the big three social media giants, that day will come because the big three are feeding a hunger for it; therefore the free market will find a solution, sooner or later, whether they like it, or not.


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