Anna Nazi Soubry Defied The Will Of The Majority

by TR News

The Brexit referendum turned out to be politically polarising because parliamentarians decided to ignore the result. Anna Nazi Soubry Defied The Will Of The Majority.

Anna “Sour-Grape” Soubry

Anna Soubry is a former Conservative remainer MP who just lost her seat in Parliament, no doubt due to her ardent stance on remaining in the European Union. Anna being the typical swamp creature of the European mafioso, could not stand the Conservative Party’s pro-Brexit policy. Her passion for remaining in the EU was such that she left her party and defected to The Independent Group for Change earlier this year, a group whose primary mission was to remain at all costs.

Anyway fast forward to December the 13th and her constituency results came in; she secured 4,668 votes while her Conservative Party rival Darren Henry netted 26,602, making him the clear cut winner. So unpopular was Anna’s determined ethos for remaining in the EU contrary to her constituencies wishes, she couldn’t make up even 20% of the winners total.

If we were to look back at how pathetic and emotionally challenged Anna was over the Brexit vote, we could say that her former constituents have definitely done the right thing by handing her a P45. Anna was accused of being pissed as a fart by her former Conservative colleague Nadine Dorries at the time of her making this cringeworthy appeal to the feelings first pro Europe soy brigade (as above).

Anna “The Nazi”

Not being one for showing signs of emotional stability, Anna was so fragile that hurty names were just too much for her. Anna has been called a traitor, which is justified given the fact that she was very active fighting against the democratic will of the British people. She certainly wasn’t representing her constituency in her pro-Europe stance. Such is her fragility to any incoming hurty words the courts had to step in to protect this precious unrepresentative anti-democratic flower and now former MP.

James Goddard confronted Anna outside the Houses of Parliament in 2016 to let her know how much of a traitor she was, actively working against her constituency and the will of the British people who voted to leave the European Union. James admitted to charges of “harassment” so he could stay out of prison. He was sentenced to eight weeks in custody, suspended for one year, and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community service, paid £200 compensation to Anna and £215 in other court costs.

James Goddard Confronts Anna Soubry

James Goddard Confronts Anna Soubry

James was punished for the crime of confronting Anna and calling her a Nazi. Anna’s fascistic inclination to ignore the will of the British people was left unpunished until that is she was voted out of Parliament.

Anna “Not So Based”

Anna’s debilitating condition – “hurty words syndrome” had become chronic earlier this year, leaving her as fragile as a tulip dipped in liquid nitrogen. Amy Dalla Mura – otherwise known as “Based Amy”, the Trump busting blimp popper, decided to run against Anna Soubry in her constituency of Broxtowe Nottinghamshire as a member of the English Democrats.

Amy, just as millions of other Brits, was left bemused, frustrated and disgusted at the behaviour of MP’s who thought they could thwart Brexit and deal a blow to the majority of the country who voted to leave the European Union. Anna Soubry definitely fitted that “traitor” mould for reasons we have already outlined. Amy managed to confront Anna and called her a traitor. Well, this could not go unpunished, so Anna being the fragile frostbitten tulip that she is sought protection from these hurty words. A court magistrate duly complied with Anna’s cry for help and summoned Amy, who was then sentenced to 28 days imprisonment.

Let that sink in, calling a politician a “traitor” leads to harassment charges and potential prison time. It just goes to show how delicate poor Anna is.

Judge Arbuthnot told the court (referring to Amy):

“You showed an obsession and fixation with Ms Soubry which has led you to bullying and intimidating, and harassing, this now-ex MP for Broxtowe. This damages our democracy. Because who wants to put up with this sort of harassment?”

It sounds like this “judge” would melt as quickly as a cornetto served up in the sahara desert.

Here is Amy, in her own words, giving her side of the story.

TR.News does not and will NEVER condone making death threats or assaulting politicians, but politicians, when they are public servants and are confronted and called “hurty words”, need to man the f**k up! In both James’s and Amy’s cases, neither were a threat to Anna’s safety and wellbeing, she was and is a traitor by definition. Both Amy and James have been punished for exercising their right to freedom of speech and speaking truth to power.

What a sham of a judicial system we have in this country.

No Anna’s were hurt during the typing of this article.

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