An Update On Tommy’s Situation

by TR News

Tommy had another visitation yesterday at Belmarsh prison. Avi has asked us to pass this information over to you all.

To start things off, Tommy is still in good physical health; he is eating well, exercising a lot and looks well. He has lost some weight, but that is only due to the amount of exercise he is doing. You can imagine that while in isolation there’s not much else to do.

Tommy is pretty much at the halfway stage of his political incarceration. He is counting down the days in his diary and cant wait to get out, see his family and get back to work on his documentary “The Rape Of Britain”.

Tommy wanted to thank everyone who turned up for the #FreeTommy demonstration. He was made aware of how the Met decided to police the event, which came as no surprise to him in all honesty. He just wished he could have been there to see all of you himself. There’s nothing better than the sight of loud, proud patriots wrapped up in the Red White and Blue giving the middle finger to the political and judicial establishment.

Silencing A Man Does Not Prevent Truth Being Told

Silencing A Man Does Not Prevent Truth Being Told

Tommy wanted to give a shout out to everyone who protested outside the BBC, outside Facebook (or Fascistbook), outside Downing Street and all those who got to London bridge to do the same there. All of you are amazing and relentless, passionate patriots.

Visitations have been relatively frequent, which has kept Tommy in good spirits. The lad is still very able and willing to have some banter as well, which is a good sign. Mental health is as important, if not more important than physical health.

Tommy’s legal team are still consulting with him on various matters relating to the appeal. We cannot, for legitimate reasons, go into any detail on those matters, Tommy will no doubt provide more information as and when he’s out of Belmarsh.

Although this is only a short update, Tommy wanted to make sure that we thanked you on his behalf. All of the love, support, the letters and emails of encouragement he has received from you all keep him going, keep him focused.

In unity, we have strength, and we have a massive voice, we cannot be ignored, underestimated, or silenced, there is far too much to lose.

To quote Tommy from the letter he sent into us at the beginning of August:

You know in an era when everyone from Prince Harry to leading politicians proclaim to care about mental-health, I do struggle to get my head around the fact that my own government see it in the public interest to lock me up for nearly 5 months on solitary confinement in the past year. All this for asking a now convicted child rapist how he felt about his verdict!

You can read his full letter by clicking on this link HERE.

Tommy will fight on as he always does; we must do the same.

God bless you all and never, ever surrender!

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