“Alleged” Muslim Child Rapists Appear In Court

by TR News

The media is pretty quiet on the issues of predominantly Muslim grooming gangs today. “Alleged” Muslim Child Rapists Appear In Court.

Anxious Muslims

Police Constable Amjad Ditta (the “positive action” co-ordinator for West Yorkshire Police) and fourteen of his co-religionists have appeared at Bradford Magistrates Court today relating to offences that include rape, trafficking, sexual activity, threats to kill and the supply of drugs to three girls in Halifax. The girls were between thirteen and sixteen years of age at the time of the “alleged” abuse. The men will have to appear at Bradford Crown Court on the 20th of January because the “alleged” offences were “too serious” to be dealt with by magistrates.

All of the “alleged” offenders bar one have Muslim names; you can read more about this update on the BBC website by clicking HERE (just in case we are accused of publishing something that’s not already in the public domain).

Amjad - Positive Action Coordinator

Amjad – “Positive Action Coordinator”

The Anxiety Of Political Persecution

You may remember that Tommy was arrested and prosecuted for causing ANXIETY to Muslim child rapists as they walked into Leeds Crown Court. Tommy’s crime was to ask them questions; he did not shout, speak any profanity or get angry with the convicted Muslim child rapists, although he sure had every reason to do that given the nature of the crimes prosecuted in that case.

Tommy simply asked reasonable questions, and for the crime of reporting on convicted Muslim child rapists, he was bundled away and duly sent to prison in double-quick time via a kangaroo court. Tommy successfully appealed the decision, which led to his release from Onley Prison. The attorney general, however, decided to prosecute the case AGAIN, which led to a second stint in prison for Tommy, this time on the segregation wing at Belmarsh. The presiding Judges at Tommy’s second trial for the same “crime” came to some astonishing conclusions. The judgement approved by the Court for handing down said that Tomy was:

“aggressively confronting and filming some of the defendants in that case as they arrived at court, thereby directly interfering with the course of justice”.

The attorney general who prosecuted the case said that Tommy “created a distraction and ANXIETY because convicted Muslim paedophiles “need to be able to travel to court without fear of molestation”.

You can read more about Tommy’s prosecution for causing ANXIETY to Muslim paedophile child rapists with the evidence to prove it by clicking HERE.

An “alleged” fact-checking website published fake news when it said that Tommy Robinson was NOT prosecuted for causing distress to men on trial for grooming.

That’s a “Fake Fact” so we called the fullfact website out at the time. To this very day, we have not had a response from them; the webpage peddles a false narrative, so we asked them to correct the record. We sent fullfact a link to the article exposing their lies, yet their webpage remains uncorrected.

fullfacts.org own fake-facts!

FullFacts Own Fake-Facts!

You can find their astonishing conclusion HERE.

Justifiable Anger

We understand why people become angry when they see more “alleged” Muslim child rapists walking out of court. Emotions run high because the industrialised rape of vulnerable young British girls has been covered up for decades. A systemic institutional “fear of racism” allowed predominantly Muslim gangs to traffick children as sex-slaves up and down the UK.

Tommy cant politely ask any questions of convicted Muslim child rapists as they walk into court, at least not without facing the full might of a politically motivated and biased judicial system coming down hard on him.

Others not so much, which then highlights perhaps the most obvious observation, Tommy is, has been and will continue to be politically persecuted for speaking out about the industrialised rape of vulnerable British children by predominantly Muslim sex-slavers. Males of the Islamic community are vastly overrepresented within the “Type 1” child abuse offending category.

How’s that for a fullfact?

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