Algorithmic Bias Of Donald Trump And David Duke

by TR News

Donald Trump is a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a white nationalist and a Nazi. Today we look at the algorithmic bias of Donald Trump and David Duke.

To The Right Of “Wokeism”

Classic liberals, libertarians, conservatives, centrists and independents are far to the right of the “wokeist” left. The enablers of the regressive progressive wokeist left are, without a doubt, the corporatist, globalist left-wing media. Left-wing politicians and their employees in the gutter press have for over three years now, defamed, slandered and hysterically sought to bring President Trump down.

The attacks are relentless; every day, a majority in the predominantly left-wing press core wake up searching for what President Donald Trump has said or done wrong, there cannot be any other news. The gutter press is pressing on with their propaganda by regurgitating the tried and tested narrative of racism and guilt by association. We should strive to dismantle these narratives and call out hypocricy when we see and hear it.

The Politics Of Fear

The US state of Louisiana is currently in the process of a gubernatorial election to choose its next Governor. The current Governor of Louisiana is Democrat John Bel Edwards who’s election advertisements have caused quite a stir. On Monday Donald Trump used his immense social media reach as well as a campaign rally to support the Republican candidate Eddie Rispone.

Democrats have predictably used their strategic bigotry of low expectations mixed with race-baiting racism to energise the “ethnic vote”. Democrats will do whatever it takes to keep their candidate in the Governorship of the state, Democrats will go for scorched earth identity politics every time. On Monday a radio advertisement linked Eddie Rispone and President Donald Trump to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. The advertisement invokes images of lynchings, burning crosses, slaves hung by the necks from trees and evil white supremacists who want blacks back in chains.

New Orleans Councilman Jay H. Banks plays his part in the advertisement, he says:

“What is the difference between David Duke, Eddie Rispone and Donald Trump? The only difference is that Rispone will be Governor if you don’t stop him. These people are telling you every day that they do not care about you or anyone who looks like you”

State Republicans hit back by highlighting the irony of such a statement to benefit the current Democrat Governor in his re-election campaign. Edwards’ family were slave owners before the Civil War, and his grandfather was a segregationist state lawmaker. The Democrats sure do like to keep the black voting block on their political plantations. Slaves may have been freed from bondage, but the minds of many African Americans are still enslaved and subservient to their Democratic masters.

Calling Out Fake News Propaganda

Take just a few moments, if you can, and type in a google search for “Donald Trump David Duke”, when you have all those searches in front of you, see if you can find anything that relates to Donald Trump calling out the former KKK leader as a racist and a bigot. What you will find is a plethora of links and associations, its as if Googles algorithmic bias wants to tarnish Trump with some kind of white supremacist, Nazi, Alt-Right love in with a former klansman.

Donald Trump, back in 2000, explored a run for the American Presidency with the Reform Party. His flirtation with that exploration was brief, but do you ever get to hear about the reasons why it was so brief? Trump called the political divisions within the Reform Party as “general fratricide”, he painted a pretty dark, contradictory, and hypocritical image of the workings and leadership of the party. He said:

“The Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr Buchanan, and a communist, Ms Fulani. This is not company I wish to keep.”

You can find that information HERE.

Amazing, Donald Trump hit the KKK, Nazis and Communists all in the same breath, so we can pretty much guess that he does not agree with ANY of those political identities? Donald Trump did soften on Mr Buchanan at a later date, and we could go into the reasons why that may have been, but that will be an article for another day, (apologies to all those leftists eager to pounce on a breadcrumb).

So, after a Google search, did you manage to find any early Trump denunciations, disavowing or distancing from David Duke, lets say in the year 2000? Or did you only ever come up with hits that have David Duke praising Donald Trump, or some manufactured conflations of Donald Trump to David Duke, white supremacy, the KKK, racism, bigotry and Nazis by the media? Did you get to see, hear or read about how many times Donald Trump was asked to disavow former klansman David Duke?

When Donald Trump ran for president, he got hit left, right and centre. David Duke’s praise of Trump and some policy promises fitted perfectly into the political narrative that slave-owning Democrats needed to push. Donald Trump fought through the Republican primaries with this nonsense, it happened moreso with his battles against corrupt “crooked” candidate Clinton, but very few media outlets, if any, actually brought up his past denunciations of David Duke. Why do you think that is?

The video above is a little reminder of the uphill struggle Donald Trump has with the bias of mainstream media. Barack Hussain Obama ordered US Special Forces to go in and kill Osama Bin Laden, who was predictably hiding in Pakistan. Obama got lavished with praise for his bravery; the media fawned over him for taking out the worlds most wanted terrorist at the time. Donald Trump ordered US Special Forces to go in and kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the operation succeeded. The media didn’t fawn over Trump or praise him for that decision which begs the question, why is that when Baghdadi easily surpassed the brutality and evil of Bin-Laden and took Islamic terrorism to the next level.

Mainstream media is in the most part, a brainwashing tool of the corrupt political globalist establishment, we must read through their lies and propaganda.

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