Agressive Hijabi Burqa Politics Teacher Demands Respect

by TR News

A BBC question time audience member fights for the right to self segregate. Aggressive hijabi burqa politics teacher demands respect.

Islamic Sex Segregationists

It is hard for anyone born into western civilised cultures to understand how and why people born into Islamic cultures feel the need to self segregate in the west. Migrants who have abandoned their indigenous Islamic homeland to seek a better, freer, egalitarian and pluralistic life in a western country can and do take full advantage of the benefits, freedoms and the opportunities that are offered to them. What baffles many indigenous westerners, just as much as migrants who have assimilated well into western culture, is the need to hide oneself away from the society and culture they chose to live in.

Britain can trace back almost a million years of human evolution and ancestry on our green and pleasant land, the pioneers, Homo heidelbergensis, Homo neanderthalensis, and currently Homo sapiens. Despite the differences in these human species, there is a commonality, all of these humans worked, co-operated, hunted and lived in social groups. Just like an animal living in groups, they had a means to communicate, whether that communication took the form of a spoken or written language or just body and facial expressions of sorts, these groups survived in communities they had developed over time.

The Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication

Humans of today (and those throughout history) communicate with each other in multiple ways. The most obvious way we communicate with each other is with a spoken and written language, but this makes up only a fraction of the human communication equation.

Humans have communicated with each other since the dawn of their evolutionary journey with non-verbal communication. Today we do not just hear a voice or read written words. We listen to the tone of the voice; we seek eye contact, we look at the facial expressions of those we are talking to, we observe (consciously and unconsciously) the posture, the body gestures and the timing of all of these as a whole “communication package”. Non-verbal communication is more often than not done instinctively rather than consciously, which helps us to “read” the person we are communicating with, it helps us work out whether the person is sincere, trustworthy, a liar or a truth-teller. Our instinctive non-verbal communication enables us to understand a situation or circumstance fully.

Apartheid Attire

The magnificent, inclusive, flowing garb of black Islamic burqa’s and other such Islamic dress is nothing but apartheid attire. It is a design of clothing with the express intent of segregating and discriminating those who wear these mobile medieval prisons within their “communities”, but it also separates women from the rest of the society they have chosen to live in. Western civilisation, and for the most part, all of human evolutionary history, engaged in non-verbal communication. Islamic garb such as the burqa sends an unambiguous message, the maligned and imprisoned woman with an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome cannot properly communicate with anyone outside of her own family. There is no non-verbal communication with a bin bag wearing pro-segregationist.

The outraged hijabi burqa appeasing Muslima in the video above defends the right to self-segregation, the right to separate oneself from society, and we all MUST respect a woman’s choice to do so. These demands bring up a couple of pertinent questions, firstly why is there an onus on westerners (as well as migrants fully assimilated into a western culture) to accept the culture and customs of Islamic pro-segregationists? Why should there not be an onus on the Muslim community to respect western culture and acknowledge the need for non-verbal communication, a human trait since the evoloution of our species?

The apartheid regime of South Africa fell because of its discriminatory and exclusionary policies. The American “left-wing” Democrats imposition of Jim Crow laws faded over time because of their exclusionary and discriminatory apartheid policies. Because the west opened its doors to mass Islamic immigration and welcomed individuals from the most primitive, backward pro-apartheid Islamic states in the world, we now have to accept and tolerate Islamic garb that segregates women from the rest of our civilised society? Basically, we now need to endure societal apartheid reforms for fear of being labelled “Islamophobic”. The west has to conform; it must change and become more “inclusive” while at the same time, become more exclusionary?

If there is any question, of how backward, primitive and destructive Islamic cultures and customs can be to the west, the Muslima above is living proof of it. As long as outraged hijabi burqa appeasing Muslimas are given political cover with disingenuous engineered slogans such as multicultural, diversity and “Islamophobia” they will continue to demand respect and advocate for Islamic apartheid. To make things worse, this woman teaches politics; this woman is “educating” our children, she is happy denying human to human communication and her warped advocacy of Islamic pro-apartheid segregation has to be a concern. If her politics are anything to go by, our children are being brainwashed by this woman.

A Final Political Note

The outraged hijabi burqa appeasing Muslima decided to bring up an old attack on Boris Johnson which dates back to an article he wrote in the Telegraph in August 2018 where he compared Muslim women to “letterboxes”. As she is a teacher of politics, we are sure she knew exactly what she was doing in her attack on Boris while simutaneously advocating for Islamic segregation. She defended the right for women to wear the burqa; the irony is that Boris Johnson did exactly the same in the article. Below is the headline of that “deeply offensive” article.

Boris Burqa Article

Boris Burqa Article

It is unpleasant to watch Boris Johnson squirm and tiptoe through all the necessary politically-correct platitudes so he could navigate a defence of his position and the content and the context of the article he wrote. It is easy to make a case for banning the burqa as well as other pro-segregationist Islamic garbs, Britain has nearly a million years of human evolutionary history to back it up.

If outraged hijabi burqa appeasing Muslima’s don’t want to assimilate into western culture, if they DEMAND our compliance and acceptance of Islamic apartheid culture, then please do us a favour – purchase a one-way ticket to a primitive land of feminist Islamic emancipation, like Afghanistan, and teach “your politics” there instead. That’s dependant on you avoiding rape, murder or acid thrown in your face of course.

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