Academic Agression And Hate-Speech

by TR News

We do live in some weird times, don’t we? Has anyone noticed when people on the right side of politics have an opinion, a stinking, unwashed, pile of verminous vagrants “suddenly” appear, smoking weed, blowing whistles, dancing like chimpanzees on acid all while showing off their multi-coloured hair and piercings? Just say hello to them, and they will shout “Nazi” at the top of their voices.

Well, that’s the programming of the regressive left for you.

The record is played and then set to repeat, they don’t want to hear differing points of view, they don’t want to consider any facts, they just see the world through an ideological lens, anything that differs from that must be shouted down, it must be silenced, it must be “smashed.”

Violence to them is a means to a justifiable end. When unfortunate, uneducated university failures doss for a living they become the “useful idiots” of a far more sinister, yet well organised far-left strategy.

Indoctrination starts in schools and then escalates when pupils move into further education, specifically colleges and universities. They are a melting pot of left-wing retardation; kids come out of further education more stupid than when they went in; hence the appropriate phrase – “the regressive left.”

So why are there so many jobless useful young idiots out there who see the entire world through a racial and oppressed v’s oppressor lens?

Well, as it goes, the only “diversity” the left care about is racial diversity. If you can manage to get onto the “intersectional victim gravy train” you need not be a star pupil, you need only be considered a marginalised minority, and you are right up there at the top of the socialist food chain. You don’t need a good education; you need to be a good victim, that is where the power and the status is. The regressive left has made currency out of victimhood.

It’s not about the individual; it’s about the group you belong to that’s important, its “group think,” its a bit like being a member of a hive, for anyone nerdy enough to remember it’s like being assimilated into the borg, its collectivism rather than individualism.

When we send our kids into further education, don’t we want them to become healthy, independent individuals, seeing the world from all perspectives? At least that way they can experience all different types of opinion and trains of thought, at the very least, if they experience opposing ideas, they can work out for themselves who and what they are as people stepping into the big wide world.

But no, the “educators” in our universities have a far more nefarious agenda, they want to assimilate youth into their socialist borg. Kids are now learning essential stuff like lesbian dance, whale music, gender studies, 3rd wave feminism and probably the best one of all, social justice!

The regressive left would rather have our children indoctrinated as precious coddled little snowflakes, ill-prepared for the real world and having a “qualification” that the real world does not want or need.

It should come as no surprise to you then that around 8 out of 10 university lecturers are “left-wing.” Universities are now totally pre-occupied with diversity in race, colour, creed, class and whether you can fit somewhere onto an “intersectional spectrum.”

Universities, faculty members and lecturers are not interested in “diversity of opinion”, free speech is hate speech, free speech is violence. How regressive can you get? Anyone who dares challenge that ridiculous mentality must be a Nazi!

Shout them down, don’t let them speak, de-platform them, drown out their voices with noise, smash them if you have to! This type of regressive leftism un-educates people.

A very recent example of this “radical far-left opposition to free speech and free enquiry” is none other than that bastion of higher education Cambridge University, they rescinded Professor Jordan Petersons invitation to speak there. A spokesperson for the university said…

“[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we expect all our staff and visitors to uphold our principles. There is no place here for anyone who cannot,”

Jordan Peterson is a dangerous man; he can cite specific facts and scientific social studies that obliterate the narratives pushed by far-left indoctrination camps. Who the hell would want to hear an opposing view anyway?

Here we have a University Lecturer whos name is Saira Weiner, she “teaches” (and we are using the terms “teaches” in the broadest possible sense here) at Liverpool John Moores University. Her speciality is Education Early Childhood Studies, and she is currently writing about “Neo-Liberalism” she also has a particular interest in “social justice” and focuses on political activism.


Saira Weiner LJMU


Here she is standing proudly with her friend right next to a statue of famous socialist Frederick Engels, who happened to be a close collaborator, of Karl Marx, oh heck call them for what they are “the founding comrades” of Communism.

Posing with a statue of the man who founded Communism

It’s hardly surprising to find that she is also part of the UCU (University and College Union), she chairs the Women’s Standing Committee and openly admits she is an activist and a socialist. Shock horror, who would have thought that?

Activist Union Member UCU

Saira just so happens to be on Twitter, and she couldn’t help herself, news that Tommy had a milkshake thrown at him spread far and wide, it went viral.

So as a real soldier of the UAF, she eloquently posted joy at the assault on Tommy, hoping that perhaps a brick should be used instead?

Lecturer, Socialist, Activist


Brick Tommy Robinson?


Now Saira, that’s not nice, that’s inciting violence even if you duplicitously state you “dont condone” it. Last time we checked, to incite others into committing an assault is illegal. We assume you see that as some form of “social justice” perchance?

If anyone feels as though this type of public posting from a faculty member at Liverpool John Moores University is inappropriate and beneath the role of a University lecturer then feel free to call them and complain. Saira is just another example of the extreme far-left who are charged and trusted to “educate” our children. Our children deserve better than Saira, that is the responsibility of Maria Burquest and the Univerity itself.


Legal complaints go to…

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