A Statement From Tommy Robinson – Dawn Butler

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A member of the UK Parliament accused the Met Police of racism. A Statement From Tommy Robinson – Dawn Butler

Black Lies Matter

Dawn Butler MP caused a media storm when she alleged she got stopped by police while driving through Hackney in London.

Dawn Butler Lying Through Her Back Teeth. She was Not The Owner Or The Driver Of The Car That Was Pulled Over


Dawn is someone who is, at best, economical with the truth. The latest victim outrage perpetrated by Dawn is that Metropolitan Police officers pulled her over in a car because she is black. Let this sink in for a moment. We have an elected Labour MP (who only recently vacated the position of Secretary of State for Women and Equalities in the shadow cabinet) serving as a fully signed up supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement alleging she got pulled over because of her skin colour! Dawn has also gone on record saying that police are “institutionally racist”.


Dawn Butler – Calling Police institutionally Racist And Supporting Black Lives Matter


Ok, Dawn, we get it, you’re black, you’re a victim, an “institutionally racist” police force victimised you because of your abundance of melanin.


METRO Quotes Dawn Butler

Driving Under The Influence Of Melanin

Mainstream media such as Sky News and the Guardian suggested/inferred Dawn Butler was the driver of the car through video captures and text. Dawn herself inferred she was stopped by the police which in and of itself suggests she was the driver of the car. Do police generally pull over drivers/owners of a car, or do they pull cars over because of a passenger? You can decide that one for yourselves. Anyway below is a video capture of the event that Dawn published online, we have then featured some of the footage that Sky News broadcast to juxtapose the two.

Why would Sky News (as well as other media outlets) want to upload a mirrored version that makes Dawn look like she is the driver of the car? You can watch the full Sky News broadcast by clicking HERE.

During the video that Dawn Butler published online, she did capture the driver whose face was blurred out, what people could see was the man’s neck and his arm which seem to be very pale, white even. Initially, I said the man was white based on that footage; Dawn said that the driver of the car was a “black man”. For now, I will take back my comment arguing the point I made about him being white even though he appears to have a very pale if not white skin tone, certainly around the neck area and his arm. Maybe he is a tanned white person? Maybe he is mixed race? Maybe he just identifies as black? Maybe he has a grandparent who is black and a mother or father who is mixed race who married a white person? What we do know is that Dawn identified him as “black like her”. Dawn clearly has a higher melanin content than her friend who was driving. It is perfectly understandable for people to come to a “white” conclusion on that point based on the “edited video footage” she put out in the public domain.


Dawn Butler – Tweet


I believe that Dawn Butler is an opportunist race-baiter. For a start, she tweeted that SHE got stopped by the police. SHE wasn’t driving, SHE isn’t the owner of the car, so for her to say SHE got stopped by the police is entirely FALSE! Dawn Butler must be held to account for that alone. Dawn made this an issue about herself and her politics. She said that she recorded the “whole incident” so why are only snippets of footage out in the public domain? If Dawn does not release all the footage, then I hope the police do, they can release all the footage captured on their body cams.


MET Police Federation – Calling For The Release Of BodyCam Footage


According to Dawn’s statement on Sky News, she could not understand why the police stopped the car even though the police explained to her the reasons why? The police admitted they made a mistake when inputting the car registration on their system; they held their hands up and apologised at the time. But that wasn’t enough for an entitled wealthy black Labour MP like Dawn Butler, no she had to make this a RACIST incident because she views the world through a racial lens. That is her political leaning.

At around two minutes and eight seconds of the Sky News interview (click HERE) Dawn said she:

“…wasn’t actually going to go live with this at all, but because the other police officer inflamed the situation so much…..you know…”

I couldn’t help but notice her hesitancy at this point of the interview; it was as if she was saying the reason for her filming the incident was because of a rude female officer “inflaming” the situation, then perhaps she realised her mistake? The footage out there on the net shows Dawn having a conversation with a male police officer BEFORE the allegedly “rude” female police officer chimes in. I believe Dawn had every intention to record the incident from the very start, not because a supposedly “rude” female police officer pissed her off. Dawn appears to make this the “reason” to record her confrontation, I believe this is a disingenuous claim on her part.

I believe that Dawn Butler (a firm believer in institutional racism) wanted to make this about race when there was no racial element guiding the police officers to pull the car over. Besides if the police pulled the car owner/driver over and we can’t really make out if he is actually black, how could police officers make that judgement call if they followed behind and made Dawn and her “black” friend pull over? If it’s not clear to us the driver is black, then how would it be clear to the police?

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. I see this as a “race-baiting” opportunity for a far-left Corbynite to play “the race card” because that’s what she wants it to be – “a racially motivated stop and search”. Dawn needs to stay relevant as one of Vogue’s “most influential women of 2020”. This, in my view, is about far-left identity politics and Dawn Butler making a name for herself and for the Black Lives Matter movement, nothing more. Let’s pressure the Metropolitan Police and ask them to release ALL the bodycam footage they have of the incident. It is in the “public interest” to contextualise everything and conclude whether this incident was a “racially motivated” stop and search or whether this was simply “political race-baiting” by a far-left Corbynite ideologue with a chip on her shoulder.

Take Action!

You can contact the MET Police Force on this link HERE and send them a copy of this pre-prepared draft asking them to release ALL the officer’s bodycam footage as suggested by the MET Police Federation.

Dear Sir/Madam

You may be aware of a roadside stop and search conducted by some of your officers on the 9th of August 2020, one that involved Dawn Butler (Labour MP for Brent Central). Although Dawn Butler went on Twitter telling the general public that “she got stopped by the police while driving through East London“, she was neither driving the car or the owner of the car that got stopped, this brings into question whether “she” got stopped at all?

Dawn Butler filmed the incident and released only perhaps a minute or two of her encounter with police officers at the scene. During this time Dawn insisted the stop and search was “racially motivated” because she “is black”. She also mentions the MET police force is “institutionally racist”. In fact, Dawn Butler has had multiple interviews with various national media since, she’s on record saying this to the whole of the UK – MET Police are “institutionally racist”.

Given the “public interest” generated over this matter, I would like you to release ALL the bodycam footage of your officers at the time of the incident so that we, the general public, can come to a conclusion as to whether or not this stop and search was a racially motivated hate crime. I am sure you will be aware that The Metropolitan Police Federation has called for the same.

I look forward to hearing your response in due course.

Kind regards

Once you send this request to the MET via the link, feel free to forward any responses you get from the request to writers@tr.news. It will be interesting to see if the MET are prepared to release all the footage “for the sake of public interest”.

You can also complain to the House Of Commons directly about Dawn Butler’s behaviour to the Parliamentary Commissioner. ALL Ministers of Parliament have to adhere to a code of conduct which you can find HERE.

In the Code of Conduct for members of Parliament, it outlines the purpose, the scope of the code and the duties of members. The code “applies to all members in all aspects of their public life”. Dawn Butler made public her accusations of the MET Police force being “institutionally racist” and that she and her friend got pulled over by police because “they are black”. Dawn has accused police officers of perpetuating institutional racism – of being racist.

Dawn Butler MP advised police officers at the time she is a “Minister of Parliament”, therefore, invoking her political authority within the House of Commons and thus denigrating her position within the house because she accused the MET and its police officers of racism WITHOUT any evidence, WITHOUT a conclusion of an investigation and WITHOUT any due process. Dawn Butler has used her political position to implicate the MET and its officers as racist in the court of public opinion; this is surely a dereliction of her duty as an MP?

Dawn Butler also said that SHE got pulled over because SHE is black. How can SHE be pulled over when SHE was neither the driver nor the owner of the car in question? This means Dawn Butler has LIED, meaning she has acted DISHONESTLY, which is a contravention of The Seven Principles of Public Life. You can find out more about those by clicking HERE. This means that the Committee on Standards in Public Life can be contacted and made aware of this situation. You can email them on public@public-standards.gov.uk, feel free to use the above draft and tweak it to your personal preference if you like.

You can also email and complain to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. She investigates complaints of ministers acting outside of the House of Commons Code of Conduct and in particular anyone who has broken the rules set out in paragraphs 11 to 18 of the code. It just so happens to be that paragraph 17 states:

Members shall never undertake any action which would cause significant damage to the reputation and integrity of the House of Commons as a whole, or of its Members generally.

Lying about being pulled over in a car that she wasn’t driving nor the owner of and accusing a police force and its officers of racism without evidence, the result of an investigation or due process would possibly amount to “damaging the reputation and integrity of the House of Commons as a whole”.

Kathryn Stone OBE is the current Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards; you can contact her by email and complain about Dawn Butler on standardscommissioner@parliament.uk

Again you can use the above template and tweak it to your preference citing paragraph 17 of The Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament.

As we have mentioned before we would love to hear about any replies you have had from these departments, you can (if you want to) forward them to writers@tr.news.

The only way we can stop this race-baiting nonsense coming from rich entitled radical leftist ministers and organisations like Black Lives Matter is to hold them fully accountable for their false accusations.

This has to stop!

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