A Roundup Of The #FreeTommy Demonstration

by TR News

Today we are going through a roundup of the #FreeTommy demonstration in London and reflect on the day’s events as they unfolded.

Unhelpful Police Liasion

We were made aware of some last-minute changes to the #FreeTommy event by the Metropolitan Police Force, changes that brought Antifa counter-protesters closer to the site of the demonstration. The bus route changed, it was made to leave the site and consequently had to pass through Antifa counter-protesters. The Police were heavy-handed, which contributed to more flashpoints of anger and confrontation.

Despite all of the provocation, the lack of willingness and help to facilitate a peaceful event, the demonstration went pretty well all things considered.

We knew what Antifa was up to, its not a secret as they happily displayed their “militant intent” on social media.

Antifa Street Militancy

Antifa Street Militancy

Far-Left Thuggery And Agitation

The great unwashed of Antifa put on full display their nincompoopish, robotic and degenerate behaviour for everyone to see. This band of middle-class, predominantly white, infantile borg like regressives played out the will of their hive masters as they always do. Shouts of “Nazi” and “Racist” reverberated through London as they marched, praising anarchy and communism with a frothing, feverish distemper.

The Unwashed Degenerate Predominantly White Middle-Class Students Of Antifa

The Unwashed Degenerate Predominantly White Middle-Class Students Of Antifa

Antifa, as always, came prepared for violence as each of them held sticks, no doubt to use them to beat people they disagree with ideologically. It was clear the Police only took a few of these sticks off them during their attempt to break through Police lines to get at our demonstration in the video above.

Very Aggressive Policing

Very Aggressive Policing

Police Heavy-Handed Tactics

The Metropolitan Police Force had only one intention on the day. Police went in “batons first” at Tommy Robinson supporters while treating the far-left regressives of Antifa with kid gloves.

The Police hierarchy decided to change their plans last minute. They forced our bus to pass by counter-protestors and allowed Antifa to get within spitting distance of our demonstration. The Police also advertised the location of our demonstration 24 hours before it happened. This gave the far-left ample time to plan and carry out their methods of agitation and confrontation.

The video above highlights just some examples of how “heavy-handed” the Police operation was. The video shows a “Police medic” violently throwing punches at someone who attended the demonstration. This kind of violence from a Police medic is somewhat ironic and hypocritical given the fact that Superintendent Roy Smith said:

“The sole purpose of deploying police medics to an event is to ensure the safety of those attending and provide care to those who require it”.

Violent Police Medic Punching Tommy Supporter

Violent Police Medic Punching Tommy Supporter

Police Hypocrisy

If that is the purpose of a Police medic, can we be reassured that you will take action and apply the law equally? One of your “medics” saw fit to throw punches to the back of someone’s head. This is all on camera and featured in the video above.

If Police behave like thugs, if Police engineer flashpoints of confrontation, if Police go in “batons first” and then treat the violent agitators of Antifa with a different standard. How can you not expect tempers to flare?

Before you go out and blast anyone involved in “flashpoints” from the demonstration that you and your colleagues engineered, perhaps you need to look inwards? Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house!

As a result of your inept “Political Policing”, you have done nothing more than incentivise freedom of speech and freedom of assembly advocates to carry out more demonstrations in London and the rest of the UK.

Well done for that achievement!

Tommy Supporters Went For A Walk

Tommy supporters also went to Downing Street, Facebook headquarters and London bridge to demonstrate against the state suppression of free speech and their jailing of an innocent man. People needed to voice their displeasure at the politically motivated incarceration of Tommy Robinson for committing the “crime” of journalism, something they did with great effect.

Flash Demonstration Outside Facebook Headquarters

Flash Demonstration Outside Facebook Headquarters

Time to get active and organised patriots, we will no longer deal with the Police because of their insidious organisation of the #FreeTommy event. Trust has broken down with the Police, which is a shame, but that is something only they and their political masters can correct. For now, we go where we want, whenever we want and however we want.

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