A Request From Tommy And Family

by TR News
Silencing A Man Does Not Prevent Truth Being Told

As you all know, Tommy is in Belmarsh serving a corrupt sentence handed down to him by two “Appointed Judges”. These Judges saw fit to deliver a verdict based on a context of their own imagining.

We can update you all to say that Tommy was thrilled to hear all of you who took the time to protest his corrupt incarceration outside Belmarsh prison, it meant a lot to him.

As you can imagine, serving time in Belmarsh isn’t easy, but your continued support will help him get through these difficult times, which is why we need to let you know of another issue.

A Request From Tommy And Family

Tommy and his family have asked us to make you all aware that people are requesting visits to see him. It is understandable for people to want to go and see him, who wouldn’t want to go and see him, support him and give him that encouragement? It’s a perfectly natural thing for his supporters to do.

Set Tommy Robinson Free

Set Tommy Robinson Free

That being said, there is a small problem that arises from peoples eagerness to see him. You can imagine how many people want to see Tommy and support him in whatever way they can while he serves his sentence.  No joke, thousands of people want to visit him.

For this reason, Tommy and his family have asked that people please refrain from asking for visitation. Tommy needs to see his immediate family and legal counsel as a priority. Please do not send requests in for visitation, he will have to reject them anyway if they do come through.

Tommy loves the fact that so many people care, he loves the fact that so many people want to see him, but, as you can imagine, time in a cat A prison comes at a premium. That time is best left for his immediate family.

Again Tommy wants to thank you all for your continued support; he can’t wait to get out, spend quality time with his family and get back to doing what he does best.

Bring you real news, expose corruption and give the forgotten a voice again.

Never ever surrender!

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