A Rapey And Dangerous Place For Females

by TR News
Egypt - Stop Being So Rapey!

A 2008 survey concluded that 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women had been sexually harassed. That makes Egypt a rapey and dangerous place for females.

Something In The Water?

Egypt has a long and varied history for being a little bit on the rapey side, a little bit on the sexual molestation side, a bit on the degenerate pervert side. It sounds like Egypt is full of sex-starved animals. Unfortunately, some statistics and events would seem to prove that is indeed the case.

The Egyptian Centre For Women’s Rights (ECWR) activist Engy Ghozlan admonished the Egyptian governments rape figures back in 2008 as being too few. Twenty thousand rapes happen each year, according to the Egyptian government at the time. Engy said it was more likely ten times more than that – 200,000 rape cases per year.

The ECWR conducted a survey in 2008, the information they had gathered confirmed what was believed and experienced by many. The results were shocking. Eighty-three percent of Egyptian women and ninety-eight percent of foreign women had experienced some kind of sexual harassment. Lara Logan was a reporter working for CBS back in 2011, and she was covering the fall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. You can hear for yourselves, her story of the appalling sexual assault she endured while working there.

Sixty-Two percent of Egyptian men admitted to harassing women. Fifty-three percent thought women were to blame for various reasons, maybe like daring to show an ankle or dress in “western clothing”, or seducing them with a smile or a polite conversation. All of these things have to mean that a woman has to be raped and sexually assaulted.

Egypt’s Daily News reported in 2013 that 99.3% of women experienced some form of sexual harassment and 96.5% of those said that harassment involved physical touching. You can find that article HERE.


Breaking The Mould And Paying The Ultimate Price

With Egypt’s long and varied rapey, molesting and assaulting history, it’s easy to imagine than all men in Egypt are deviants and serial abusers. However, we now come to the story of an eighteen-year-old man called Mahmoud El-Banna.

Mahmoud lived in the Nile Delta city of Tala, Egypt. He found a teenage girl being sexually assaulted and beaten on the street. He went to her aid, defended her, and she managed to escape. Mahmoud later posted on Facebook:

“it’s not manly to beat a girl in the street.”

Mahmoud El-Banna

Mahmoud El-Banna – Killed For Protecting A Woman From Rapists

Three boys later jumped Mahmoud in retaliation, they stabbed him three times in his neck and in his stomach. Mahmoud later died in hospital because of the severity of his injuries. It’s a tragedy that an eighteen-year-old teenager has become “the martyr of chivalry”, but perhaps his death will not be in vain.

A young man, defending a woman from sexual assault, killed for preventing a rape! What has this world come to?

Isn’t it time for the real men in Egypt to please stand up?

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