A MILKSHAKE For Your Thoughts?

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A contribution from: Anonymous


By all accounts, the left is losing its mind. I suppose we’ve all heard that before, and some would argue it’s nothing but partisan banter. However trite it may sound, it’s becoming more and more valid as time presses on.

The left has always been somewhat prone to tantrums and violence. For those old enough to remember panicked hippies tossed garbage at Nixon’s motorcade, race baiters were touting Enoch Powell as some kind of monster for suggesting immigration might become a serious issue at some point. Nothing better exemplifies violent lunacy like throwing dairy products, bricks, scissors and bottles at families with children.

Remember that?

Since the first waves of populism swept through Europe and America beginning in 2015, from Trump’s election to Brexit, we’ve seen one dynamic, dastardly, dismal display after another. Full on tantrums coming from the far-left, outbursts of the most admirable, (if not for their generally dangerous themes) and award-winning kind.

We’ve been treated to Trump blimps in diapers, mobs of violent, virulent screeching leftists who seem to be able to assault or harass people with impunity, as the police look on of course. We’ve seen massive mobs of religious zealots hurl bricks at political campaigns where women and children are present. There have been politically motivated assaults all over the developed world, and Antifa continues to terrorise all developed nations.

Perhaps the newest form of “political protest” is one where self-righteous so-called “anti-fascists” toss milkshakes in people’s faces. These actions are championed by the left at large and even by fast-food giants. Dissent has always been a crime in the face of totalitarian sycophants, be they rulers or mobs. This phenomenon is of course, common in both America, and Britain, if not the rest of the developed world.

The new political scene is anything if not alarming. One can’t disagree, you see, because that makes one a fascist. Naturally, this word, along with others (racist, etc…) has been bastardised. However, that hasn’t stopped an entire swath of the media commonly referred to as the MSM (mainstream media) from getting on board this fantastic ship of fools and throwing out life preservers to anyone who agrees to self-deprecation, or total obedience. All one need do is admit that any dissent equals fascism, and they’re in the club, forever protected and shielded.

But disagree, or voice dissent and your life will be destroyed, your family attacked, and your name smeared for all time. This happens all too often, from politicians to political pundits, from authors to everyday blokes.

The message is clear: Hold different beliefs, and you will pay.

Ask any conservative or libertarian in the public eye, and you’ll hear an earful about how they’ve either been maligned, barred from speaking publicly, physically harassed and attacked, banned from social media, or otherwise excommunicated from the Church of Political Activism. Steven Crowder, Avi Yemini, Tommy Robinson, Candace Owens, Dr Jordan Peterson, conservative world leaders and politicians, there are simply too many people to list. Too many people who have been relentlessly harassed or accused of extreme views, for merely speaking their minds, making jokes or going against the leftist political machine that tells them a particular skin colour should equal certain beliefs. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the news daily.

Where does it end? I don’t think it does. I don’t think any of us believe it will end. I think the left will continue to run their brick and dairy mafia, and they’ll do it with impunity. I think they will continue making every attempt to get conservative voices banned from any and all social media, and I believe that any time there’s political unrest, they’ll be at the centre of it, armed and ready.

The question is, why are they being allowed to behave this way? At what point, does their right to think, express and then act violently, impede upon another’s right to hold a dissenting view?

These are questions sane people already know the answers to. But in a world where insanity is the calling card of the day and all that’s needed to pass for intellectual prowess, and civil discourse, is a milkshake and a cause, there isn’t much hope of it getting better.

The only thing we naughty conservatives can do is continue shining a light in this dark world and continue speaking out.

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