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Cast your minds back only a few days, and you will remember a story that went viral. ANTIFA savagely beat Andy Ngo, a reporter for Quillette. Now we have to call out the hypocrisy behind A FAT CHUBBY MESS OF A STORY.

Andy Ngo, an openly Gay Asian journalist for Quillette, dared to document the fascistic mobilisation and aggression of Antifa in Portland Oregon. He got beaten so badly he was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage, after spending some time in the emergency room.

The video of his beating as well as the videos posted in the aftermath of his beating – rightfully enraged all right-minded people across the world. He got attacked because he shone a light of the fascistic nature of ANTIFA – ironically an organisation that prides itself on “Anti-Fascism”.


In the wake of the Andy Ngo news cycle EXPOSING ANTIFA as the violent, intolerant stormtroopers of the Far-Left, in rides white knight Mike Stuchberry. A man commonly referred to as A FAT CHUBBY MESS. For the remainder of this article, we will refer to him with an appropriate alias – “Douchebery”.

The pontificating porker tapped furiously on his keypad. His fingernails set ablaze with heat generated by the friction of his ferocity as he foamed, frothed and perspired. Finally a piece of writing worthy of publication he thought, he was right, The Independent took his submission and went to straight to print.

At least Douchebery did not have to beg, borrow or steal from the toothless soap-dodging dole-dossers of ANTIFA for a day or two. The Independent will carry him (not literally, just figuratively of course) financially for a day or two.

You can read his most excellent piece by clicking HERE.

Douchebery hit all of the regressive-left narratives he could find, nothing short of total compliance with “lefty-group-think” would do. He succeeded if that was the intention.

Douchebery half-heartedly pushed back on physical violence directed at Andy Ngo, while at the same time referred to him as a “provocateur”. Yes, a journalist who does not share a Far-Left regressive mentality, who carries out his work documenting ANTIFA must be a “provocateur”.

Stuchbery Writing In The Independent

Stuchbery Writing In The Independent

Later in the piece, Douchebery makes a juxtaposition for his infantile readers, one they can understand. The ANTIFA attack on Andy Ngo was the “Far-Right’s Horst Wessel” moment. ANTIFA attacking Ngo has now become a call for Sieg-Heilling, Goose-Stepping, Torch-Waving, Degenerate Retards to recruit people into the second coming of the Third Reich.

Sounds reasonable, no?


Our very own “Far-Right Nazi Jew” Avi Yemini EXPOSED Douchebery for the sagging ANTIFA supporting scrotum that he actually is. Apologies to all other scrotums out there we mean no offence.

Just click – HERE.

Mike Stuchbery Standing With ANTIFA

Mike Stuchbery Standing With ANTIFA

Douchebery’s piece in the Independent does not call out ANTIFA. He does not distance himself from ANTIFA. Douchebery waters ANTIFA down to a laughable “self-defence community” rather than a violent rag-tag bunch of tooled up mummy’s boys who are out to cause injury to those with opposing views.

Douchebery concludes that people need not worry about Andy Ngo:

He’s been discharged from hospital, with a big fat GoFundMe of around $160,000 and any number of armed, right-wing groups offering to act as “bodyguards”.

The trouble is Douchebery – your attention seeking Douchebaggery is evident for all to see.

Stuchbery Supporting Antifa

Stuchbery Supporting Antifa

ANTIFA are here to get rid of modern-day fascists?

What like a Gay, Asian journalist who has an opposing view?

It is time to re-assess your narrative. It is time to re-assess your definition of a Fascist and a Nazi. You and others like you have changed the meaning of both to include those who simply “oppose your world view”. Typical Left-Wing propaganda and retardation – what a Douchebag.

Your semantic word salads are as transparent as your denunciation of ANTIFA who are an organisation of regressive lefty’s. ANTIFA will soon be proscribed a terrorist organisation, which is a good thing for ALL Non-Nazi’s and Non-Fascists like Andy Ngo and Tommy Robinson.

What can we say about your story?


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