A Eulogy For A Patriot And A Brother

by TR News

With great sadness, we recently heard about the passing of a much loved and respected member of the movement. A Eulogy For A Patriot And A Brother.

We Will Meet Again Bill

Bill Weir was a British Army veteran who served with distinction and honour in our armed forces. As with any veteran, his love for Queen and country was second to none. Bill played his part and more in the English Defence League founded by Tommy Robinson. He was seen at pretty much every demonstration travelling far and wide all across the UK from his beloved city – Newcastle.

Bill was a Geordie through and through; a personification of English steel, grit and determination, a man of real character and conviction. Bill was not just a tough, resilient and steadfast patriot; he was also a kind and gentle man, a man of honour who was respected and loved by absolutely everyone. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to Bill’s family during these difficult times.

Bill, you will be remembered always. Once this coronavirus lockdown is finished, we will hold an event to honour and remember you as the brother we knew, the brother we will forever love, the brother we lost. England has lost one of its greatest patriots; however, your memory will live on until the day we die. Till the day we meet again some sunny day.

God bless you brother, may you rest in peace.

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