24th August – Static Demonstrations In London

by TR News

A call to all patriots, keep this date in your diaries. On the 24th of August, we will be taking to London again to demonstrate in areas of our choosing.

As the Metropolitan Police have not exactly been friendly or helpful when it comes to facilitating our right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. We will now have static demonstrations all over London.

We have a legal right to static protest in areas of our choosing, so we will. Please take note – do not give the Police a chance to arrest you, be peaceful, be loud and make your voices heard.

Make sure you take cameras and record any wrongdoing by the Police. Its a sad state of affairs that we have to do this, but in all honesty, we have little choice. Working with the Police does not help us one bit.

We won’t get pushed around any more; we will demonstrate within the law and exercise our right to peaceful static protests whenever and wherever we want.

We also encourage all Tommy supporters to think about exercising your right to protest within your local areas. Again, do not give the Police the chance to arrest you, be peaceful, and take a camera to record your demonstrations. More importantly, record how the Police behave and react to your demonstration.

You do not have to let the Police know about your demonstration if there is no march. All you need to do is assemble at a static demo point and BE LOUD!

For further information clarifying your right to static protest click HERE and HERE and HERE for guidance.

There is no need to inform the Police prior to a demonstration or assembly in a public place. Under the Public Order Act, the Police have specific powers to control assemblies but CANNOT ban assemblies.

It may be worthwhile you taking a copy of the Public Order Act 1986 with you just in case.

The right to freedom of assembly is guaranteed by Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.


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